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Monday, March 26, 2012

Seafood lunch, biker breakfast, seafood dinner

The weekend was great! Our friends Tony and Laura took us out for lunch on Saturday, I had a delicious seafood platter at Modo Mio in Paternoster, followed by a decadent "Bar One chocolate cake" dessert. Tony has a huge appetite, he also had the seafood platter and then a cheesecake dessert but because mine looked so good he also had a Bar One cake! The ladies ate considerably less than the two of us but also enjoyed their meals, it was a very pleasant afternoon.
Sunday the weather was fantastic, no wind at all and mid to high twenties by the time we got the kickstand up. We headed out along the R45 to Malmesbury,
through the dry and dusty wheatfields, the road is pretty straight and boring and it takes about an hour to get to the town if you're not in a hurry, we weren't as you can see by my speedometer - sticking to the speed limit for a change!
I had no set destination but we had decided to have breakfast somewhere and then do some fish for dinner. As it turned out we had a very decent breakfast at the Wimpy restaurant at the Swartland One-stop. From there we rode down to the coast and along to the Viper lounge for a beverage and then a heady, fast blast along the R27 and home. The wind had come up during the morning and it was blowing strong out of the south, luckily we were heading north and it helped us along, pushing from behind, urging me to speed as if I needed the persuasion!
I was slightly saddle-sore as I climbed off the bike but happily still buzzing with adrenaline from a thoroughly enjoyable ride, it was early afternoon so there was still plenty of Sunday left.
This was my dinner that evening; herb butter potatoes, a fresh Yellowtail portion which I pan fried to brown a bit and then grilled it with lemon/garlic butter and some fried calamari in a light batter.
Janet doesn't like "fishy tasting" fish so I fried a hake fillet for her, we experimented with a light batter made with egg whites beaten in ice water, we dipped the fish and calamari into seasoned corn flour and then the frothy egg white and then a minute or two in the deep frier - rather good! Not that we eat too much fried food but it is rather good every now and then.
I think we have done with seafood for a while now, last weekend we pretty much over-dosed on it and now both days this weekend! I need a steak!

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