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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Back on line? (I hope!)

For quite a while now it appears that my blog was un-readable and I had no idea why, actually I still do not know what happened. Blogger pulled my adverts for some reason, it's not like I was making a fortune from them anyway! Trying to find out what happened is virtually impossible and very frustrating because you can't just phone someone and ask W.T.F.?! It seems like ever since then my blog went haywire.
I am not a computer boffin and every time I logged in to blogger my blog appeared just the way it always has done so for quite a while I had no idea that people couldn't read it, it wasn't until friends and family started talking that I found out. Hell I'm still going to have to phone around to find out if you can read this!
Anyway all of this resulted in me not doing any new posts until I could get it sorted, I have loaded a new template and it still needs a bit of fine tuning but I'm really hoping that you can read my stuff again, I really would appreciate comments on this people.

Not much has happened lately, it has been a very busy time but the silly season is over now and I am off on my first rally for the year. This weekend is the 31st anniversary of the Freedom Road rally in Stillbay and a lot of the local bikers are heading over there on Friday morning, I can't get away until Saturday but I am looking forward to a nice long ride on my own.
I intend taking the long way along the R62 through Barrydale and via the beautiful "Garcia's pass" into Riversdale, then along the N2 to Stillbay. I should be there by lunchtime when I will hopefully set up my tent with my friends.
I will let you know all about it later, stay with me friends and let's have those comments. 


Anonymous said...

Darneen, so pleased you back on line, missed your blog even though I rarely comment.
Take care and have a safe ride.

the rider said...

Thank you I'm glad to be back, was about to give up on it xxx