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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Yzerfontein Snoek festival 2011

Last Saturday we were on our way back from a jol in Capetown and halfway along we pulled into "Die Stal" (The Stable) pub and restaurant in Yzerfontein where the annual Snoek Festival was underway.
It was a lovely warm summer's day and as we were quite early there were only a few bikers there, the disco was already on the go and people were arriving all of the time, it started to fill up quite quickly.
They do a biker breakfast from 10h00 which is usually very good, we weren't there in time for that but we did have a good pub lunch a little later.
Mike and Barbara at the table with Frank.
Alec and Mercier arrived, she is now riding their late son's Suzuki Bandit which they have customised and dedicated to his memory.
An old biker buddy, Joos pitched up and we had a chat together, he has now moved away from our area and now lives in Durbanville outside of Capetown but I think we see him more often now.
One of the badges on his jacket, although misspelt, identifies him as "Previously Advantaged"! A tongue-in-cheek commentary on the current New South African situation;
We left mid afternoon, things were slowing down and it certainly didn't appear to be as busy as it was last year, there was to be a braai down in the harbour later in the evening but there was no way we could attend that and still drive home.
Next we have the Christmas weekend and Tuesday 27th has been declared a public holiday, captains of industry and business owners are not too happy with that but I, a mere salary earner, am ecstatic! We will get out on the bike.
Sunday, Christmas lunch is a buffet at Beira Mar restaurant and then we have booked into the hotel in Saint Helena Bay, just down the road so that we don't have to worry about roadblocks.
Have a wonderful, happy Christmas my friends and may 2012 bring you all that you wish for yourselves, if you don't celebrate Christmas like we do then I wish you a happy and peaceful weekend.


ATV Parts said...

Great lunch you had enjoyed.! I liked the most Suzuki bike which Mercier has rode it. I wish that i also get ride on such bike. I have made planning to enjoy delicious lunch with my whole friends in next month.

the rider said...

Hi friend thanks for stopping by and for leaving a comment, enjoy your lunch with your friends.

Anonymous said...

yip, i was there
your blogs are great to read and as lover of good medium rare meat and seafood, your pics make my mouth water. Don't worry too much about lack of comments, the general punter couldn't be bothered. Keep it up bud.