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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What am I doing wrong?

I see lots of pageviews, 65 followers and readers from 143 countries but no comments! Why aren't you commenting on my blogposts? Tell me if they are crap, don't just gloss over them and think "Nah, this is crap!" Tell me. Some of the blogs that I read attract 25 comments, go check out my friend Geoff's blog; www.geoffjames.blogspot.com and see how many comments he gets.
Go and read www.iowaharleygirl.blogspot.com and then come back and tell me what they are doing that I'm not. Seriously, go and read them and then come and tell me.
Back to this blog and more "Out of Africa" stuff;
Telkom technicians in northern Kwa Zulu Natal on a routine maintenance trip came across this scene quite recently, at first from a distance they could not be sure what it was, but on edging closer.....
 They found this massive rock python had crushed an unfortunate buck to death and was preparing to eat it, this one may have been too big to swallow but these snakes have been known to crush the animal and swallow it whole.
This was the last photo in the series and it appears that the snake has been disturbed so we don't know whether it finished its meal or not.
It does remind me of the time that I almost became a meal for an albino Rock Python though, he actually flattened my nose!

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Chillertek said...

Wow you don't see that every day.
Nice blog and pics of food porn all balanced out with some bike riding pics.