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Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Noisy Oyster - Paternoster

Down in the quaint, but rapidly growing, fishing village of Paternoster on the Cape west coast is the "Noisy Oyster" restaurant. We had been there before but a good few years ago and decided that it was time for another visit, however on the day that we chose there was a chalkboard on the veranda on which was inscribed; "Sorry, fully booked - big tippers and fast eaters will be considered." seeing as we are neither we decided to try another time but I did like the humour.
Luckily on our next visit, which was last Sunday, we were able to get a table in the garden although we hadn't booked. The outside area is an eclectic mix of decor most of which is related to the fishing industry, very colourful and inviting.
Some of the items are not so easy to identify but very interesting nontheless!
 We ordered a bottle of wine from the friendly and attentive waitress, a Fairview Sauvignon Blanc priced at R120, a little expensive I think for a local wine but it was cold and delicious and it went down very well as we studied the menu.
As a starter I ordered "Sardines with Rosemary and Paprika stuffing wrapped in Parma Ham with Potato mash, minced onion and shaved gruyere cheese." and let me tell you it was out of this world!
It was four sardine fillets wrapped in parma ham, the rosemary and paprika did not overpower the delicate flavours and the gruyere and mash needed to be wiped up with my finger but I resisted and scooped it out with the fork! I so enjoyed it that I almost forgot to take a photograph and had actually eaten half before I remembered. A truly memorable starter which I look forward to having again. That I considered reasonably priced at R45.
Janet opted for Pan grilled chicken livers with potato mash and mild chili tomato salsa, also R45 and also delicious, I tasted it!
My main course; Yellow Fin Tuna - pan seared with vanilla tomato confit, young potato, artichoke and roast vegetable salad at R125 came rare just as I had ordered it and I enjoyed and demolished every morsel except for the carrot which I gave to Janet, that had nothing to do with the restaurant but rather personal taste, I do not eat carrots!
The portions are not huge, this is not that sort of restaurant, but there is definitely a chef involved, the sauces and confits were delicious and complimented the food rather than overpowering or disguising it. Janet's Penne Pasta with sauteed porcini mushrooms, basil pesto, gruyere cheese and truffle oil at R65 she declared to be very enjoyable and we easily finished it!
We had room for dessert and I went for my favourite creme caramel which came with a fresh fruit spoon, the crispy top on the caramel was just right and had to broken with the spoon - absolutely delicious, light and delicate with the initial rather more tart mouthful of fresh fruit!
 Janet's dessert involved fresh fruit, chocolate mousse and mini donuts and was also quite spectacular, I know because I finished it off!
The Noisy Oyster is not cheap, our bill with the tip came to just over R500, but it is no ordinary restaurant and we will certainly be going back again. There are many more menu items I want to try but I just know that I will not be able to get past the sardine starter, that's a given.
A very nice touch to keep customers entertained while waiting for the food is a bunch of trivial pursuit cards on the tables, all around us we could hear things like; "What is the capital of...?", "What was the name of the.....?" while we were testing our general knowledge, a thoroughly enjoyable couple of hours spent enjoying a lovely meal - go and try it out for yourself, you won't be disappointed I assure you but you had better book; 022 7522196. Tell them I sent you.

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