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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas weekend

Oh well it's back to work, it has been a really lovely four day break, the deputy President in his wisdom, and in the absense of the President, declared Tuesday 27th a public holiday. There were some murmers of discontent from captains of industry and from business owners over the huge losses that businesses would incur, but I am neither, I am just a working stiff so I applauded his decision. Who the hell is productive between Christmas and new year anyway?
Janet and I had already decided that Saturday would be a day for relaxing, we would not go anywhere. I bought two huge T bones from my buddy Steve at Weskus Vleismark (West Coast Meat Market) on Thursday, he had already had them hanging for about a week and I stuck them in the fridge on a rack and left them for Saturday.
The big day arrived and I took the steaks out early to marinate, I used olive oil, Aromat, garlic, ground black pepper corns and mixed herbs and let them sit for a couple of hours. 
Can you guess which one is mine? I got a nice hot fire going and started braaiing the steaks while Janet made a salad and then a lovely potato rosti.
I seared the steaks just for a couple of minutes on both sides and then balanced them on the bone to cook just for another couple of minutes.
We both like our meat medium rare so I didn't cook them for long, Janet made a nice egg and mayo salad and we had a lovely lunch - Steve's steaks are fantastic!
Man sized T bone steak with potato rosti and salad washed down with a couple of glasses of one of my best Cabernet Sauvignons, a great way to start the long weekend.
Sunday, Christmas day we had lunch at Beira Mar with friends; Frank, Jim, Helen and Fraser and then Janet and I spent the night at the nearby Saint Helena Bay Hotel so that we wouldn't have to worry about roadblocks. So far, so good.
Monday we didn't do much, it was so good to just relax at home but I was determined that we should get out on the bike on Tuesday, the last day of the long weekend.
I didn't feel like going far, the whole area is just crowded with holiday makers and I hate having to stand in a queue to get into my favourite restaurants so I suggested a ride out to Velddrif. We were up fairly early as is our custom and after an early spa bath with the obligatory bottle of bubbly we eventually got out on the bike at about 11h00.
For those of you reading this who know our riding area we headed up the R45 but only as far as Hopefield some 34kms from the R27 and then we took the secondary road that follows the Berg river to Velddrif. It is a terrible road, even with my suspension set for two people on "comfort" we had to cruise along at about 80kmh for the whole 40km trip, but on a day when you are not in a hurry it was just fine.
The road is incredibly rough, it seems to have been tarred in a hurry, almost as if they didn't really prepare it properly but just poured the tar over the original dirt road, but we enjoyed it and it was just after midday when we rode into Velddrif.
I wanted to check out the "Soverby Lapa" which is on the road between Velddrif and Dwaarskersbos, right on the coast. I don't even want to begin trying to translate those words for you, I have a bit of a problem with Afrikaans coloquialisms anyway. A "Lapa" is a casual structure, often thatched, with a braai area and this one is just that.
 Something that I really appreciated was that there was a separate area set aside for bikes to park;
What a view! You can't get any closer to the beach with out actually getting wet.
We wandered around getting a feel for the place, it was beginning to fill up so we took a seat outside to have a beer, which unfortunately could have been colder!
The seating is very casual, there is a bar which seems have all of the basic requirements for a festive day out;
The menu is of the "Fish and chips\Calamari\hamburger" type which suits the casual beach style of the place and the prices seemed very reasonable.
We didn't stay for lunch, we had already organised something else but we will be back, I envisage a group of friends sitting around one of the big tables having a leisurely seafood meal and a couple of beers and I'm looking forward to that.
By the time we took the road home, only some 30kms, the wind had come up as it tends to do here on the Cape west coast but it wasn't a problem, we had had a restful day out on the bike, cruising this time instead of low-flying which, as Janet says, is also enjoyable.
Stay on two wheels, take it easy over the new year weekend, take care....because we care, and may 2012 bring to you everything that you wish for yourself.


Geoff James said...

And compliments of the season to you guys too! Fabulous photos Andrew and just loved the one at the edge of the sea. Sadly, I haven't ridden for just over a week due to being swamped with family but we've certainly eaten well! Aromat has been used extensively in our BBQ's, you'll be pleased to know.

With every good wish for 2012.

the rider said...

Thanks Geoff, having family around is also good, enjoy and we'll talk more about riding in the new year. Lots and lots of happy mileage!