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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Smoked Angelfish and Rock Lobster

I had occasion last weekend to smoke a whole lot of Angel fish, it was for a Christmas function and our share of the catering was the starters and two salads for eighty people. The Angel fish was part of the starter course along with a tub full of marinated mussels and it caused me to cast my mind back over the decade between 1990 and 2000 when Janet and I, along with two other couples were involved in the open-air seafood braai restaurants in Langebaan.
I used to do the cooking for groups numbering anything from 40 to 200 and I used to smoke tons of Angel fish, apart from the numerous other courses, but that is a story for another time.
This is the Angel fish, minus head and tail, about to be filleted. I had eight of these to smoke so the work of removing the skeleton took a bit of time.
It wasn't too long before I had them all cleaned up, all bones removed and ready for the smoker.
Place the fillets on tinfoil on the grid over some good hot coals, sprinkle generously with salt, throw a good double handful of beer-soaked sawdust onto the coals and cover.
The other half of the drum goea over the top, you will notice that the bottom half has the bung hole open and that the top half is not quite aligned, there is an opening at the back to allow a flow through of air. After about twenty minutes lift the lid (carefully because it gets hot!) and check the fish, it should be ready, don't overdo it.
Delicious smoked Angelfish fillets, they are pale because I don't baste them with a colourant like commercial producers do but they were delicious.
After a hectic Saturday evening party we decided to have a lunch later on Sunday and so it was that we arrived back at "Modo Mio" restaurant in Paternoster, I could not resist the special advertised for R200;
Crayfish, West Coast Rock Lobster (Jasus Lalandii) with five prawns, Janet opted for the hamburger, she did....I swear! My food was fantastic!
Here's the aftermath, signs of sheer enjoyment.
Tomorrow I have the day off to take the big red machine down to Capetown to have my new Zorst can fitted, many months ago I bought a "Scorch Designs" cannister, smaller than standard, but have not had the opportunity to get it fitted, mainly because I couldn't find anyone in the area who could do the stainless steel pipe bending required.
Frank is riding down with me to Scorch Designs where they will do the fitting, I just know the bike is going to sound much rortyer afterwards. Apparently performance will be enhanced as well, I will let you know but I am really looking forward to a midweek break on the bike.


Geoff James said...

Andrew mate, it's a darned good job I've just had breakfast or I'd hold you personally responsible!!! What a wonderful display of nature's bounty, I'm envious. For the last two weeks, the winds have been too strong or the tides wrong for us to go fishing and we're suffing fresh fish withdrawal symptoms!

When I smoke snapper, I use Manuka (tea tree) sawdust which gives the fish a light gold colour. Before smoking, I just lightly salt and pepper it, a light sprinkling of raw sugar and sometimes, a tot of rum over it.

the rider said...

Hi Geoff, don't you just love seafood?! My favourite.
I'm going to try some of your suggestions for smoking, thanks. The rum sounds interesting.

Rhonda said...

Excuse me while I soak up the drool on my keyboard. Smoked seafood, oh yeah!