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Thursday, November 24, 2011

My new zorst can

Well I sure chose a lousy day to ride down to Capetown to get my new exhaust can fitted! Weathersa website said nothing about rain! I met Frank at the Engen One-stop on the R27 and we could see the rain coming along from the south, we stood around and drank a couple of cups of coffee hoping that it would clear, but motorists coming from Capetown told us of lots of rain.
We hung around until about 09h30 and then decided to press on, it would only be showers. Sure enough five kilometres down the road we passed through a heavy, but brief shower and in the south I could see blue sky.
The closer we got to town the more the wind seemed to pick up until it was blowing really strong southerly, not pleasant. We rode through to the Belleville/Stigland industrial area, an area completely new to both of us but I had previously consulted Google Maps and had printed out the relevant section, this proved to be absolutely useless and we spent about an hour and three phone calls to Raynard at Scorch Designs before we eventually found the place.
I handed my baby and the new zorst can over to Raynard who said that he needed about two hours for the job and we headed off to a nearby take-away food joint for something to eat. We sat in Archie's take aways for about two hours over a hamburger and two cups of coffee while the rain hammered down.
By the time we had finished it was just drizzling and we walked back to the workshop, Raynard and his team were still busy so we had to sit around for a while but it wasn't long before we were ready to go, happily the sky had cleared by then but the wind was even stronger.
These show the standard can, it's huge and I have always felt that the bike was too quiet, sort of like a sewing machine. I bought the Scorch can a long time ago but could not get anyone to do the pipe work here in the area where I live.
Raynard and his team did a very proffesional job and the end result looks great!
When I fired it up it was magic! A very low tone, not excessively loud but definitely a good sound, I asked Raynard if it was going to improve performance and he said that it may give an improvement in top end but unless you have a dyno test it's hard to tell, the bike sounds good so you ride it harder and think it's better, happy anyway.
I thoroughly enjoyed it through the suburbs heading towards the R27, definitely the throttle-blip on downshifts sounded lovely, and accelerating up through the gears was completely different. She definitely felt more responsive, was that my imagination?
On the R27 heading home and cruising at 4,500rpm which equates to about 140kmh the sound from the exhaust was not that much louder than it used to be so it all seems like a good job. I'll have to do some more riding but I'm happy.
If you need a good exhaust job contact Raynard of Scorch Designs on 021 9454874, they are at 16 Kaymor Street, Stigland Industrial but don't ask me how to get there!
We are looking forward to the Annual Toy Run this Sunday, last year an estimated 6000 bikers took part, will it be more this year? I'll tell you all about it.


George Ferreira said...

Nice exhaust, must sound really good. Is the missus going to love it too?

the rider said...

Hi George, we have been for a couple of rides together now and she is ok with it, it's not too loud, it just gives the normally quite staid BMW that hooligan edge!