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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Meeulanders Mcc dart run

The very active Meeulanders Motorcycle Club recently held their annual "Dart Run" in the local area, the bunch rides around to different venues where each person throws one dart at a board and at the end of the run, usually at a hotel, the results are tallied and the winner gets a prize. Much the same as a Poker run, it usually ends up as a party at the end venue and everyone sleeps over. We unfortunately were not able to take part as we had other commitments but from stories I have heard and photos I have recently received, it was a party of note!
This very festive looking place is at the "Wielhuis" (Wheelhouse) pub in Velddrif, one of the darts was thrown during this visit as well as at places such as the hotel in Hopefield and also at "Vlakvarkgat" which is a very difficult word to interpret, let alone to say! It means something like; Bushpig or Warthog hole, and is a restaurant/pub on the R27 between Langebaan and Saldanha.
The ride culminated at the Saint Helena Bay hotel where the last dart was thrown, the results tallied and the party raged and as usual my old riding buddy Frank was the last man standing!
This (not unusual) sight greeted the people in the foyer of the hotel as they came down for breakfast the next morning. Apparently the hotel manager became anxious that other people arriving might be put off by the sight so Monica woke Frank up to get some breakfast.
It's a pity that I wasn't there because I could have told the manager what the magic words are, when you want to get rid of Frank it's no good being polite, you have to say to him; "Frank, fuck off now." and he does. Frank always pays for one of the rooms but seldom uses it, more often than not he is found in the same type of uncomfortable sleeping arrangement.
It seems like it was a good party, though on a sad note Shawn of the "Kreefsmokkelars" broke his leg in an accident during the ride on Saturday, we all wish him a speedy recovery and back on the road soon.

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