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Monday, November 7, 2011

The Day of the Dead

Saturday dawned cold and gray, heavy water-logged clouds threatened to ruin our ride down to Capetown. The weather site forecast a thirty percent chance of only 3mm of rain, that's a seventy percent chance of no rain to me and as it got later in the morning it did look a bit better, we were to meet at the Phoenix bar at 10h30 and as I saddled up and got the big red maching rolling I was feeling more confident, what the hell if you're a biker you ride in crap sometimes!
"The Day of the Dead", a somewhat ominous sounding funday was being held at the Killarney race track to raise funds for the families of fallen brothers, such a worthy cause induced several of the west coast bikers to attend, I was first to arrive at the gathering point as usual.
I didn't have to wait long for my riding buddy Frank to arrive on his FJR, but still the bar was not open!
About 09h45 Danny arrived on his broken GSXR, you can see the broken left side fairing, he hit a buck on his way home after closing the bar late at night and it smashed the fairing, he was very lucky not to have gone down. He hitched a ride down to Capetown on Frank's bike, he can only do local rides until he replaces the fairing.
Danny opened the bar and we waited for the other riders to gather, it wasn't long (time enough for only one beer) before we were ready to go.
Seven of us on five bikes left just after 11h00 for the ride down the R27, it was cold when we left but the weather improved, Capetown had it's rain earlier and as we headed south we could see a large area of blue sky opening up ahead. By the time we pulled into the parking area outisde the Viper Lounge it was a lovely day if still a bit cool.
The Viper Lounge was bustling, it seemed that many bikers had the same idea as us and we wandered in to get a beer and greet friends and brothers. We had a breakfast to oil our stomachs for the afternoon that lay ahead and gradually by 14h00 the bikers started heading over to the race track.
As we were leaving this really nice Suzuki Bandit 1200S caught my eye, it was obviously lovingly looked after with lots of chrome and polished stainless steel, maybe I just have a thing for red motorbikes?
Over at the Western Province Motor Clubhouse the jol was already on the go and there were many familiar people that we regularly see at these type of events and at local rallies, it was like walking into a room full of old friends.

The banners of the four clubs sponsoring the event were proudly displayed and the party raged through the afternoon, there was a live band alternated by a disco blaring out rock classics and the number of revellers swelled as the afternoon progressed.
That's one of our local brothers, Alex Vermeulen enjoying himself and other west coast brothers arrived throughout the afternoon;
Frank bending the ears of "Van" and his lovely lady Isla.
We briefly sought refuge in Dalton's caravan restaurant where we found Daan and Beverley already enjoying his fare, Dalton's is a favourite place at the rallies and is often a gathering place where conversation and general partying last well into the night.
Not for me this time though, I had a long ride home and even as I left after a very enjoyable afternoon there were many more bikers arriving. I hope that the fundraiser was a success, it certainly was in terms of enjoyment.
I had a lovely fast ride home with a slight wind behind me and cars moving over ahead of me, what could be better? A breakfast run with the Meeulanders Motorcycle Club the next day was something to look farward to, I just love the biker lifestyle!

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