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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Breakfast Run with the Meeulanders

Sunday morning, the weather looked great and still Janet wanted to stay home; "You go on the breakfast run, I want to stay here for the day and just relax." I wasn't sure at first, at least she didn't say; "It's fine, just go!" I edged around a bit, I reminded her that she had the option to come with me on the Meeulanders breakfast run to Maestro's restaurant on Woodbridge Island.
"I know," she said, "It's fine, just go." Uh oh!
Eventually reassured that I was not in trouble I left Janet happily involved in her beauty products and got the big red machine out onto the west coast road, the usual meeting place was at the Engen One- stop and Frank had said that he would be there early for a cup of coffee before the ride.
This was a Meeulanders MCC ride and although I am not a member I have ridden with them often, they are a good bunch of people and a very active club and I enjoy riding with them.
Frank was not there when I arrived, several members were already there but by the time I had finished my cup of famous Wimpy coffee he had still not arrived and I began to think that he had had too much of a good time the night before.
Steven arrived on his very nice cruiser, we have spent time together at some of the rallies, in particular the Buffalo rally in Mossel bay, a solid guy.
Willie Goosen arrives on his very nice K1300, another good guy to have on rallies, he keeps the party going.
09h20 eventually Frank arrives, looking very much the worse for wear, "Oh no I had a late night at the pub last night, you know what I'm saying!" I had expected that he would not be showing up for the ride but he lit his normal cigarette and seemed to be ok.
Div, the President and Frank the Road Captain have a discussion just before the ride and shrotly thereafter some twenty people on thirteen bikes pulled out onto the west coast road.
Janet and I don't do much group riding, we prefer to ride alone but every now and then I ride with the Meeulanders and really enjoy their disciplined runs, they immediately fall into the staggered formation which we all know is the safest way for a group of bikes to ride, if you can see the face of the rider infront of you in his mirror then you know that he can see you.
As we thundered south in tight formation there was one sublime moment which I will always remember, I was riding at the back of the bunch with only Frank behind me and suddenly I saw a group of lights approaching from the front, it was another group of riders heading north and for one brief period in the inexorable march of time that small stretch of road was suddenly full of bikers! We raised a hand in greeting, acknowledging the bond and just as suddenly that moment was past but it had been an extremely cool moment and I was happy that I was there, I was aware of my place on the road, my position in the group and how lucky I was to be there at that time.
Riding in a staggered formation group is all well and good when you are riding out in the country but as you approach the Urban sprawl and the traffic congestion the group tends to get split up, especially at the traffic light intersections. Not so on this occasion! The traffic lights either stopped us all or let us all through and we arrived at the Maestro's restaurant car park together.
We soon disrobed, shucked out heavy clothing and went in search of sustenance....and breakfast!
The buffet was excellent, really good value for money but from the breakfast tickets that were issued and signed off as you collected your plate I gathered that you could not go back for seconds, as is usual at a buffet.
Let me hasten to add that the variety of the  food was excellent and abundant and under normal circumstances seconds would not be needed but a buffet is advertised and usually you can go back for more.
Just look at this; there were two slices of French Toast buried under that scrambled egg! A really great breakfast washed down with a couple of cold Castles.
The view from the deck outside the restaurant is difficult to beat and we stood around for a while finishing our beers before the ride home. That breakfast was a bargain for R60, I didn't want to go back for more after finishing what I had piled on my plate, maybe that's the way it works.
A good fast ride back along the R27 found us all at the Phoenix bar for last drinks, what a sad time!
Frank and I have to find ourselves another place to play pool on a Friday afternoon but hopefully the Phoenix can again rise from the ashes!

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