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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

We wuz robbed!

What do Bryce Lawrence and the Dalai Lama have in common?
Neither of them can get a visa to visit South Africa!
Bloody Aussies - bloody Ref. - bloody disallowed (because-of-a-supposed-forward-pass) try - bloody Aussies - bloody hell!
Ok now I 've got that little rant off my chest I can continue;
We stayed over at Linda's house on Saturday night, we were invited to her Springbok breakfast for the game on Sunday morning but we managed to have quite a bit of a piss-up that night anyway!
We were up bright and early Sunday morning helping to get things ready and eagerly anticipating the game, which we were all sure that we would win.
Linda always goes to great lengths to ensure that her guests have a great time and with Janet and Patsi's help she put on a wonderful breakfast spread.
There were even little South African flags on the hors d'ouvres and there was a hot breakfast for after the game.
Springbok rugby fans just before the game started; Don, Trish, Patsi, Linda, Sharon and Brian but they didn't look this happy when they sat down to breakfast a bit later!
This rather clever email came through my inbox, not to make light of the American 9-11 tragedy, somebody caught onto the 9-11 score and made a comparison.
We enjoyed a hearty breakfast with our friends and then got out on the road, it was again a lovely sunny day and I was keen to get going. Even though the R27 West Coast road is very familiar and very boring we had a lovely cruise in the mid morning sun and got home just after 11h00.
I dropped Janet off at home and then went around to the Sports Club where I knew that the local bike club the "Meeulanders" were handing the proceeds of their food tin collection to the local Round Table.

A couple of weeks ago the Meeulanders spread out and spent hours outside local supermarkets persuading members of the public to donate tins of food for needy people, the result of their efforts was an amazing 1,2 tons of tinned food collected!
An incredible effort by a relatively small bunch of dedicated bikers, I've said it before and I'll say it again; bikers are good folk.
Here Div, left, the President of the Meeulanders MCC hands a tin, representing the 1,2ton load over to the President of the local Round Table, well done guys.
Here are the members who were there on Sunday, I'm not sure if this is all of them, probably not but it is the largest and the oldest motorcycle club in the area having been formed some twelve or thirteen years ago. I know them well and ride with them often, a great bunch of people and long may they continue to thrive and prosper.


Geoff James said...

Tut, tut Andrew!

Maybe Bryce Lwrence has a long memory about the AB's being poisoned in SA!

One thing is for sure, it will be one heck of a battle at the weekend in both semis!

Rhonda said...

We watched a Springbok game on the telly while we were there. Really fun. I'm yearning to go back...

the rider said...

Hi Geoff, one thing for sure the All Blacks now have a couple of million more supporters, no one here wants the Aussies to win!

Hey Rhonda, I'm sure rugby's not big in your part of the world, here it's huge. As I said come to the Cape next time.

Anonymous said...

Tks darneen, lovely write up.