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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Forthcoming events

Well as the weather starts to improve here on the West Coast we start looking forward to some good biking events, and there are some good ones coming up;
8th October sees the second annual Ink and Iron Show in Capetown and this time it's being held at Timor Hall in Plumstead. This was quite an interesting show last year featuring some very good custom bikes and a lot of tattoos.
It has been running for a good few years in Johannesburg, quite successfully and I am glad that they have brought it to Capetown. The choice of venue is interesting because Timor Hall in Plumstead is the home of the I.P.A, the International Police Association! I'm looking forward to that one.
November will be quite a busy month;
Saturday 5th will be the "Day of the Dead.", a rather ominous sounding event but it is being held to commemorate fallen brothers and to support those left behind.
The event is being hosted by four clubs; Arachnid, Brothers of the Wind, Gypsy Jokers and The Shaman at the WPMC Clubhouse at the Killarney Race track from 14h00. They promise grog and nosh at biker prices and music aplenty and a donation of at least R50 includes a metal badge, I will be there.
The weekend of the 12th and 13th will be the Beaver Rally at a venue still to be announced, Frank and I really enjoyed this one last year and I fully intend to go again, last year it was at the show grounds in Heidelberg Cape, a nice ride and I hope they find another good venue.
November 27 will be the annual Toy run organised by the Italian Motorcycle Club, this will be our fourteenth consecutive run and we wouldn't miss it for the world. Thousands and thousands of bikers gathering to give toys to under privileged children, bikers are good folk!
There are obviously going to be other rides and smaller organised events in between, but the weekend of the 16th - 18th December sees an event which we are all eagerly awaiting; the first Cape Town Bike Festival which is going to be held at the Greenpoint stadium. I have already registered for my three day pass and we have organised accommodation within walking distance of the stadium, it promises to be a major event on the biking calendar and I really hope it turns out to be an annual one.
I will cover these events, and others in more detail later but in the meantime stay on two wheels and remember ATGATT! All The Gear All The Time, stay safe.


Brady said...


Looks like you're at the start of a pretty good year down your way. Unfortunately I'm sitting on tanks full of fuel stabilizer these days. Not very appealing when the weather starts to go into the crapper.

Are you going to make it to any of these events you're advertising?

the rider said...

Hi Brady, we don't have to worry about fuel stabilizers here thank goodness, even during winter we have mild days when we can ride. Our winter is officially over but it is still occasionally wet and cold, improving though.

I am intending to attend all of the events that I wrote about and hopefully some more in between.