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Sunday, July 3, 2011

I get to play with Megan

Not a hell of a lot happened this weekend, really the weather has been atrocious and it is damn cold! I did manage to get out on the bike today and went for about an hour and a half ride, but it was only 13 degrees celsius (55f) and there were still some seriously heavy rain clouds hanging around.
The roads were still wet from last night's rain and the fields are lovely and lush and green, there is plenty of standing water and the small farm dams are almost full again. Four months ago when I rode through to the Buffalo rally in Mosselbay the wind was teasing up dust devils in those same fields.
Two bike related events coming up this month; on Saturday 16th Frank is celebrating his 70th birthday at the Phoenix bar and that should be one hell of a jol. He is anticipating having sixty to seventy friends and family there, there will be a disco and we are providing boerewors rolls and snacks with the help of Monica from the bike shop and I'm sure many others will help.
Then the last weekend of the month sees the fourth annual Polar Bear run, this time up in the mountains to Calvinia. One thing is guaranteed, it's going to be a bloody cold run! I know that Des is hoping for rain, the past three runs have been in beautiful weather so we shall see what this one brings.
There is also a chance that a friend whom I haven't yet met; Nancy from Capetown will bring a group of bikers up to the west coast so that I can show them around, I hope that comes to pass.
On Friday afternoon at the Phoenix I walked in on Megan and her boyfriend playing pool so I put my coin on the table to play the winner, that turned out to be Megan who plays a pretty good game. I managed to beat her inspite of the distraction!
Afterwards I insisted on these photos, I don't know about you but I reckon as you get older it's great to get photos with sexy young chicks! If you enlarge the photo, which I am sure you will just to get a better look at Megan, you will see that Danny was just about to throw a beer keg at my head!
Then he walked in with this bloody big dog! I mean really?
A nice laid back weekend, but I have had enough of this cold weather - I'm really looking forward to summer but it's still a long way off. Stay safe everyone, keep the rubber side down.


Geoff James said...

I sympathise with your weather Andrew, wet and windy at present here and I don't feel like getting the bike dirty straight after cleaning it!

Safe riding...

the rider said...

That's one of the problems isn't it Geoff, the whole underside of the bike has to be cleaned up again. Lot's more rain forcast before it starts to clear....damn!

George F said...

Yea, I would be distracted too :-)

the rider said...

Yes George, difficult to concentrate!