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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Frank's 70th birthday bash

Frank's 70th birthday was celebrated at the Phoenix bar on Saturday and it was a party of note! He wasn't sure how many people would attend but he was thinking "about a hundred." His friends all got together to do the catering and although we hugely over-catered the food was great. I started things off with pots of fresh mussels, Monica and friends organised wonderful snack platters, they bought tons of boerewors and bread rolls and Janet made a pudding to end off with.
The people started arriving at 14h00 and it was a slow trickle at first but within an hour and a half the place was buzzing, the disco was pumping out biker music and the bar was doing a roaring trade. Frank is a very popular figure in the local biker fraternity and the crowd certainly attested to that fact.
We were kept pretty busy at first cooking the mussels and then a bit later I started braaiing the boerewors, we let the mob have a few drinks first and then Monica put the snacks out. It was a lovely sunny day so quite a lot of the party moved outside every now and then, especially when there were sounds of bike engines revving.
It was a wonderfully friendly atmosphere which carried on right through until 02h30 with people coming and going all the time. I think that the only person who was there from start to finish was Frank! We called it a night sometime during the evening after a thoroughly enjoyable time, my faith in the biker brotherhood rejuvenated - wonderful people!
I will post some photos when I get them, I didn't take any but Malcolm was doing a great job as photographer. If I am spared I hope that my 70th birthday will be half as good as Frank's, and in the meantime we keep on riding - see you out there!


George F said...

Andrew, I would love to get stickers of the South African flags, the current one and if you can still get it, the old flag. The stickers can be small, about 1 inch to 2 inches, 2.5cm to 5cm, round or square. Do you know where I can order them or can you get them for me? I would pay you for them and the shipping. Let me know. Thanks
We can exchange e-mails later.

the rider said...

I can certainly get stickers of the new flag, they are quite readily available but not so sure of the old one. I have seen the old one as a cloth badge but I will have a look and let you know, no problem.