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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Stormy weather and a classic Kawa

'Twas a dark and stormy night......actually it was a dark and stormy week! We have had some seriously bad weather moving across the Cape Peninsula this past week, on Wednesday we couldn't work because of northerly winds blowing up to 30 knots. In those conditions it just becomes too dangerous for us and I have to call things off, I am proud of our safety record; in the 21 years of the farm's existence we have had only one death and injuries, very few, have only been minor.
The wind blew all day, bringing with it heavy grey clouds that unleashed hundreds of litres of water over our little town on their way south and east. I stayed at home, cleaned up my desk - which badly needed the attention and chilled in front of the tv, it was an excellent day full of serious relaxation.
Today was a public holiday, Youth Day, commemorating the Soweto uprising of 1976 - we were going to work but again the wind was pumping and I called it off, another day off! How to celebrate Youth Day? Dilemma, White people in South Africa normally celebrate public holidays by staying at home and having a braai instead of attending public rallies but today was no day for a braai, raining like mad so we went and had lunch at the Slipway Restaurant.
After our excellent lunch we drove through to Vredenburg and went to the Phoenix for a beer or two, Danny and I played a good few games of pool and this time I didn't do too badly. I am only an average player, I have my moments when I can pull off some pretty good shots so when I win games I am very chuffed but I really enjoy playing pool, it is a fun game characterised by bullshit and cameraderie and is a great way to spend an afternoon.
Hans Holtzhausen arrived on his very neat 1978 Kawasaki Z1000 and we went outside for a look, bikers cannot resist an older bike, and here Danny discusses the finer points with Hans.
Original chromed front mudguard, the exhaust has been modified and the mini fairing is aftermarket but apart from that it's original. The '77 model had spoked wheels, this was the first one to come out with mags.
The side cover below the saddle does not have the usual branding on it, this is because on the way to a rally it blew off. On their way back from the rally two days later they did a search of the area where they thought it might be and actually found it! Hans had to have it resprayed because of the damage but at least they got it back.
Hans is a very nice guy, 70 something and still riding his motorbike, he rides for the Christian Motorcycle Association and seeing someone his age still riding gives me confidence.
I need to go for a ride, I started the big red machine up in the garage yesterday just to make sure it was going to start because I haven't ridden for a while, it started but struggled a bit. I hope the weather gives us a break on the weekend.

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