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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Out of Africa again

In keeping with my occasional "Out of Africa" posts I offer the following pictures for my readers, and I assure you that this is typical of Africa, like the two guys in the picture who have done what we often talk about here and that is; "Make a plan." If it is hot weather and you want to sit in the pool and also have a braai, then you make a plan - South Africans are really good at "Making a plan."
We will follow up and discuss this in more detail in later posts but in the meantime give it some thought, when last did you "make a plan" and what did it entail?
And now for something completely different (with appologies to John Cleese) these pictures came through my inbox recently featuring the "King of the beasts." and I use the term seriously, did you really think that that term applied to the Lion?
Look at this majestic beast walking casually past an intruder in his Kingdom, he treats it with absolute disdain and then decides to examine it more closely.How would you feel if you were in this car? This elephant is now leaning across the front, probably rubbing himself against it.
He then decides to take a more personal interest and casually turns the car over, probably thinking "Who do you think you are? Invading my personal space!"
At least these poor people will have a story to tell and the pictures to back it up. These photos apparently came out of the Pilanesburg Nature Reserve near Sun City, isn't that wonderful stuff?
And I leave you with this picture showing just why it is so difficult to find your way around South Africa, but don't let all of this put you off visiting our wonderful country - let me assure you that it is an adventure which you will really enjoy.


irondad said...

Ok. I have to admire the pool and cooking plan. If I had made the plan, the cooking medium would be heating up the water. Then I would have to ask myself if the braais were the only things being cooked.

When my wife got done calling me Lobster Boy, I would at least console myself that I had concocted a plan and stuck to it.

Perhaps the pictured plan will work out much better!

George F said...

Yea, definitely, the African elephant is the king of the jungle, no one messes with him.
I had seen the last picture, I guess he can't say he didn't steal the sign, ha ha

SonjaM said...

Ha, the elephant did the right thing ;-). That's what happens to cagers in foreign territory (sometimes wishing my lil' Vespa was a big mighty animal).

Rhonda said...

Right, so when I go to South Africa next month, I really need to watch out for the elephants...and I thought I should be cautious of the predators.

the rider said...

Irondad believe me that sort of thing does happen here!

George I've seen these magnificent creatures close up, you probably have too and there's no doubting their sheer power.

Sonja wouldn't that be cool, turn cages over and let bikers pass through!

Rhonda depends where you are going as to whether you are going to see any elephants, or any predators for that matter - it's quite safe. Email me if you would like to find anything out, I'll be happy to help.