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Sunday, May 29, 2011

My new camping stool, an exciting accessory

I made a very exciting (for me) purchase today, we were walking around the West Coast Mall outside of Vredenburg and I was trying to keep Janet out of Shoe City, one of the South African Big Five for her - it's funny, Janet has the South African "Big Five" where she likes to shop; Shoe City, QueensPark, Woolworths, Edgars and one other, I'm not sure which and my son-in-law Andy who lives in England doesn't want to see the Big Five, he wants to eat them; Elephant, lion, buffalo, hippo and anything running around in the bush! Go figure.
Anyway if you have been reading this stuff you will see that I complained big time about the recent Buffalo rally in Mossel Bay, there was nowhere to sit. I spent the whole day wandering around and standing and by the end of the day I was so tired that I just needed a place to sit and sitting on the ground was not a comfortable option. It actually made the rally unpleasant.
Well, in our wanderings around the mall I went into "Cape Storm" and found the amazing "Walkstool" made in Sweden. We have had the small three legged camp stool before but I have broken three of them at various rallies and they are so low that they are really uncomfortable.

This stool is higher than a dining room chair and just lower than the height of a bar stool and is incredibly comfortable, actually it was the highest of three that were available. Best of all is that it is telescopic so it collapses into a handy size that will pack into the topcase, okay it was quite expensive at R699 (almost $100 - would you buy one?) but I am really looking forward to the next rally with my new stool.
The bag also features a shoulder strap so that I will be able to carry my chair around with me, especially to the main tent on Saturday evening for the lucky draw, that is usually the worst time where you stand in amongst the whole 7,000 people (depending on which rally you attend) while you wait for the draw. I will be able to comfortably park off and relax.
The stool is apparently a hiking accessory but I'm sure that after my buds see me parking off comfortably at the next rally it will become a biking accessory, go check it out and I'll keep you updated.


Anonymous said...

Hey Andrew,
Fortunately I am lower than you - so we have the short version at R69 - must say it does look good especially as you say for in the rally tent - cause my one wont work to well there ha ha
Had a lekka ride to Tulbagh yesterday - cold / rain etc ended up at Ed's Diner and saw Mandy there

the rider said...

Nah Dick I've had a couple of those R69 jobs but they are very uncomfortable and they break too easy, this one is very robust so I'm hoping it will last.
Crap weather at the moment, no riding for us yet.

Jacobsroodt said...

Thanks for the writeup Andrew. Have been looking all over for a comfortable biking stool. This looks like a fine solution to carrying a stool on a bike. Just a pity about the steep price.