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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lucky escape in the Kruger National Park

Every now and then I post pictures "out of Africa" because I like to think that this is an incredibly interesting continent, filled with interesting people, places and animals. Most countries in this continent are still developing, some with more success than others, some more rapidly than others and some are going backwards, like Zimbabwe which once was one of the bread baskets of the continent and is now a basket case. 
These are interesting times, particularly for South Africa which has incredible potential. I love living in South Africa, it is a vibrant, exciting place and even after 14 to 15 years of democracy there are still many challenges we have to face together, some people (from all the different race groups) are finding this more difficult than others but I still believe it can work.
It is a beautiful country for us motorcyclists in particular, generally the road networks are wonderful, sure there are areas where one has to be careful of things like potholes and road works, but generally it is a beautiful and incredibly diverse riding space which varies from arid, flat desert scrubland to mountainous passes, from nature reserves and wetlands to coastal plains. Lots to see for the wandering biker.

The nature reserves are wonderful, although generally not recommended for motorcyclists! Much safer in a car. This amazing series of photos came through my email from my friend John, taken in the Kruger National Park showing a Kudu bull having a very lucky escape.
You may be thinking "This doesn't have anything to do with braais, beers or bikes!" but actually all of us who grew up in Africa have eaten kudu fillet on the braai, wonderful stuff!
Come and check the place out for yourself, I guarantee you will have a major jol! 


Rhonda said...

Amazing pictures. McGyver and I will be heading to SA this week, we arrive on Monday. I hope we some exciting things (from the safety of a vehicle..).

the rider said...

Have a wonderful trip, I know you are going to enjoy yourselves - will you be in Capetown?

George F said...

When I lived in Mozambique my dad used to go hunting every year for 2 weeks at a time and we would have kudu meat for at least 6 months, they would cut it up and freeze it. It was really good, we had Impalas too ;-)
Very lucky escape, the 3 lionesses were setting the trap, amazing.

the rider said...

Yes George, when I lived in Rhodesia we also ate a lot of Kudu, we still get it occasionally - lovely stuff.

Anonymous said...

These pictures were not taken at the Kruger Park. They were taken at Rippons Safari Lodge in the Eastern Cape. Thanks.