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Monday, May 2, 2011

Dave's new leg

I want to post an update on my friend, my brother and my hero Dave who was involved in a bad accident on the way back from the inaugural "Polar Bear run" in August 2008, we rode through to Sutherland on the Saturday and on the trip back on Sunday morning Dave left the road in a bend and his knee hit the armco barrier flinging him off his bike. His left knee was shattered and after something like eight operations to try and replace the knee joint Dave eventually said to the surgeons; "Enough of this crap, cut it off!"

He shopped for a leg and a foot on the internet and eventually got everything together and now he is learning to walk again, mark my words; It won't be long before he is out in the wind on a trike. "True grit." With Dave's permission I will keep you posted on his progress, he did say to me that he wants to be up and walking in time for the 2011 Polar Bear run which is scheduled for the end of July.


Christie said...

You cannot keep a good man down. Fantastic news dad.

Christie said...
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HarryH said...

Go Dave Go. Great to see you up and about. Time for a new Harley trike.

Rhonda said...

Super, I can't imagine how exciting it must have been to be walking!

Anonymous said...

Hey Andrew,
That is great news!!! - please pass on my best wishes for a speedy getting used to the new leg - will be great if Dave can be at the Polar Bear
Go well

the rider said...

Thanks for the comments everyone, I'm sure Dave has read this and I'm sure he will be pleased to see the interest in his well being.
Dick Dave said to me that he wants to be up and walking in time for the Polar bear run, he intends to be there and as my lovely daughter said; "You can't keep a good man down."

Anonymous said...

Dave I'm all the way behind you. I also had an accident with my bike, mine was where a guy swerved in front of me on my home from a ride out with mates. I also had a massive 15 operations and also had my leg amputated. I know what it feels like and it also hasn't put me off on getting myself an new boney! I salute you!

"live to ride, ride to live"