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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Upcoming long road trip

Appologies to my readers for such a long gap between posts, I have been suffering from a bad case of internetlessness - my computer packed up last week, for some reason I couldn't log on so I took it in to the shop and have only just, late yesterday, got it back.
It was actually quite strange to be without it, I have been in the habit of sitting here for twenty minutes or so in the early morning before going to work and for the past week I haven't known what to do, I ended up watching the news channel on TV and then in the evenings I would sit in the lounge with Janet and get bored with her cooking/home channel and keep trying to wrest the remote from her. She's also glad that I have my computer back.
Tomorrow we hit the road! The weather forecast seems favourable, we may have a bit of rain to ride through initially but after that it seems clear for the rest of the weekend.
We are planning to leave home at about 15h00 and will ride the 260kms to Robertson where I have booked a room at the Grand Hotel. It's not all that grand but it is a very nice, typical small town hotel where we have stayed many times before.
Friday is the long ride, 700kms to Port Elizabeth where we will stay over with friends and then Saturday it is only 300kms to East London, it's going to be great. We have done this trip many times before and have always enjoyed it even when it rained the whole way back on one of the trips.
Coming home we will have to do two 650km trips but we will start early and just enjoy the ride.
I will obviously write it all up, please stay with me and for those of you who celebrate the Easter weekend I wish you a wonderful long weekend with lots of two-wheel time, those who do not I wish a great weekend anyway.


Anonymous said...

Hey Andrew and Janet,
Ride safe and enjoy!!

Geoff James said...

Safe riding Andrew! 700 km is a decent stretch - fingers crossed for great conditions. Looking forward to the ride report

the rider said...

Hi Dick, thanks we'll speak soon.

Hi Geoff, yes 700km does get a bit sore! On the way back we are going to have to do 1295kms in two days so that's also going to be a push, we'll do as much as we can on Tuesday hopefully leaving a slightly shorter run on Wednesday. It does look like the weather's going to play along, thanks Bro.

George F said...

Ha ha "bored with her cooking/home channel", join the club, same thing here, I hardly watch TV. It's either cooking or some vampire show which I couldn't give a crap either ;-)
Enjoy the trip and take lots of pics.
Happy Easter :-)