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Sunday, April 3, 2011


Dick sent me this one, it is accredited to a "Doctor Gregory W Frazier" and as far as I am concerned never has a truer word been spoken;
An extreme form of a psychological disorder associated with motorcycle touring, also known as two-wheel vagabond neurosis it is classified in the category of impulse control disorders.

Those disagnosed with this disorder have an abnormal impulse to travel by motorcycle, they often spend beyond their means and sacrifice lovers, jobs and security in their lust for new two-wheeled touring experiences.

Motodromomaniacs feel more alive when riding and no sooner return from a tour/rally when they start planning their next one. Much of their waking moments are spent fantasizing and talking about motorcycle touring and often their nocturnal dreams are filled.


Geoff James said...

Hi Andrew,

Jennie would say that I definitely suffer from this affliction (among others with shorter, more direct definitions). It's just a cross we have to bear eh?

Raftnn said...

I suffer from this.....never mind.

the rider said...

Hi Guys, yes I definitely have this affliction too there's no doubt about that but it's not one that I'm going to worry about, in fact I hope it gets worse!

George F said...

Ha ha, I guess I'm suffering too :-)
Don't think I will be visiting the doctor though.

the rider said...

Hey George, I just knew that this tongue-in-cheek post would resonate with all of you biker types!