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Monday, April 4, 2011

Gypsy Jokers second annual day jol

This past weekend we attended the Gypsy Jokers day jol at the Cove Hotel in Saint Helena Bay and I (very sensibly) booked us into one of the rooms for the Saturday night. We had an excellent lunch at Don and Connie's Beira Mar restaurant and then arrived at the hotel mid afternoon.

Our friend Danny, the owner of our favourite pub the "Phoenix" had his pub at the hotel and was already busy dispensing beverages. Frank arrived shortly after us and immediately got stuck in, this is how everyone knows Frank, he is continually rolling his own cigarettes and sticks the paper to his lip while he sorts out his tobacco. At rallies the youngsters think he is rolling funny stuff and often ask him for one! As the afternoon progressed more and more people arrived, someone (no names - no packdrill) again dished out the Mary-Jane cookies and Janet, with some trepidation tried one. She said it did nothing for her but she did go to bed very early and said she was continually hungry the next day! With the announcement that the food was ready the mob moved outside, the Jokers had put on two lovely lamb spit braais and the lovely aroma coming from those braais got the juices flowing. The Gypsy Jokers and their ladies certainly worked very hard throughout the afternoon to make sure that we all had a good time and plenty of food. Lovely spit braaiied lamb with potato salad and tomato went down well and made sure that the stomach was well lined. Janet in the queue with Monica, behind her is her husband Craig, they of West Coast Yamaha fame. Janet, Monica and Elise - we sure do have attractive biker women here on the west coast.

The notorious "Kreefsmokkelars" from Velddrif arrived, here's Des with Jean, the President of the club. Frank got his food a bit later, he just went and wrenched off the leg bone. The night sort of deteriorated from this point, there was one or two strippers (I can't remember if it was one or two but they/she was very good) - the band was excellent, they had an extensive repertoire of good classic rock and roll and it was an excellent night spent with good friends, like minded people (two of whom assisted me back to my room at 05h00!)

Janet woke me up at 11h00, I was too late for breakfast but we had lunch there which had me feeling a bit better. Frank also surfaced at about that time, just look at these two bleary eyed old biker scums! A great weekend.

There's nothing planned now until the Easter weekend, we have taken an extra day and are going to ride up to East London over on the East Coast, it is 1295kms from here so we are looking forward to that one. On Wednesday I am taking the big red machine down to Capetown for a service, it's running a bit rough so I must get that sorted out before we go.

Also a major problem is that my camera has packed up, I took these photos with my cellphone which is fine in daylight but it's not so good in the dark, hence no pictures of the stripper/s so that is something else I must get fixed, a blogger without a camera is not much good.


Anonymous said...

Looks a great jol !!
When you going to EL and what route - sounds cool - see the new 1600 is actually not too badly priced at R195000 for the top model -still plenty dough - but a real cool bike
Go well and enjoy the run to EL ride safe

the rider said...

Yes Dick it was a great one indeed!Leaving for EL afternoon Thurs 21st to Robertson, stay over in the hotel, Fri Robertson to PE via the R62, staying o0ver in PE and then Sat PE to EL. Coming back Tuesday 3/Wed 4th, looking fwd to that one.

Rory Prodgers said...

Best jol of my life!!!!! Fun madness and organised chaos!!! Thanx to all involved!!! From the little I can remember of that epic nyt it was insane..... Especially being used as the strippers pol!!!! The gypsy jokers,what a great bunch of maniacs thanx and see you all soon!!