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Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Tornado in Tableview

We were in Capetown over the weekend and riding home on Sunday, it was a beautiful day and we had arranged to meet Frank at the Viper lounge in Tableview. He hadn't had his bike out for a while and was hankering for a ride.

We had stayed with our friend Janet in Hout Bay and had to travel that incredibly picturesque road over "Suikerbossie", down along the coast and through Camp's Bay and I had underestimated how busy that area was even on a Sunday morning. There were pretty young ladies in skimpy outfits all over the place! This naturally made me a bit late but Frank had a table organised by the time we got there. This was fortunate because the place was humming, people had tables and chairs on the pavement and even in the parking area amongst the motorbikes. We arrived at about 10h00 so we were able to have a beer while we waited for our breakfast.Some guy rode up on this beautiful Bennelli Tornado, I have never seen one of these before and have no idea what this would cost here in South Africa but I would imagine quite a few shillings! It was beautifully finished with loads of carbon fibre covers and it sounded absolutely fantastic, a deep melodious growl. (Is there such a word as "melodious"? - melodic? - maybe "a deep lekker sounding growl" would be better.)

The breakfast was good and we sat for a while chatting, enjoying the warm morning air before mounting up and hitting the R27 for the ride home.

The plan was to go through to the Phoenix bar later in the afternoon but I gave it a miss, it had been rather a heavy Saturday night with a few friends and some of Dick's good whisky and I was feeling a bit tired. Another good weekend.

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