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Friday, March 11, 2011

Another Friday afternoon at the Phoenix bar

I really look forward to my Friday afternoons, that's when I play my sport - pool. Usually I finish work by midday and by 14h00 I have done my deliveries. This Friday the biker bar was nice and busy and it seems as if a younger crowd is starting to come as well, Danny has struggled a bit with numbers but hopefully his patience and diligence are starting to pay off. I for one would really be disappointed if he had to close, as far as I am concerned this is the best bar in the area and all we need is more support from the locals.
Talking about locals; while we were busy with a game I heard several bikes arriving and then the sound of a siren, Des and Marina led a group in on his beautifully restored BMW R80 "Police bike"
Des is a good friend of mine, a West Coast character and the organiser of our annual "Polar Bear Run", the fourth one takes place on the last weekend in July this year.
Des and his lovely wife Marina, she is an artist with her own studio in Veldriff on the banks of the Berg river next to Des' shop which I have featured in earlier posts.
In this photo from the left Lindsay and John, Frank and two visitors from England Bill and Gay, two very nice people visiting with John and Lindsay and getting an introduction to the West Coast biker scene. Bill was very impressed with our pub saying that there was nothing like it at all in the UK, maybe in the US but he wasn't sure.
During the afternoon, in between games of pool I found Fungis chatting Janet up, he's going to ride to the Buffalo rally with me next weekend.
I played quite a few games but wasn't doing too well for some reason, Don the owner of our favourite restaurant; "Beira Mar" has now organised his work load so that he can play pool on a Friday, beat me three games to two and various other people beat me as well!
I did manage to win a few of the games I played but really I would prefer to win them all! Still that's the nature of the game and probably where the old saying originates; "You can't win them all."
During the afternoon the ever ebullient Davrin arrived wearing the worst crash helmet I have ever seen! He says he likes it but it is just an "eye-blinder" as far as the law is concerned, also apparently the faster he goes the more it tries to lift off, pulling his head back! Not a very comfortable way to ride.
It was a good afternoon spent with biker friends, old and new, and our pool afternoons have become something of an institution now. The game winner stays on the table and is challenged by all and sundry, much like a gunfighter in the old West, until he is usurped by the newcomer and so it goes on through the afternoon. There is much banter and beer drinking and general revellery, as there is with any biker gathering. Come on over and see for yourself!

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