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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Of Mary-Jane cookies, a braai and the lucky draw

Somebody produced a bag of "Mary-Jane" cookies and although I was a bit apprehensive about trying one at first I soon relented and found them to be delicious, sort of biscuit sweet but with a slightly bitter after taste, the green flecks were clearly visible and I am sure that these cookies contributed directly to the very enjoyable afternoon that we had.
We spent the afternoon at the house chatting over a very nice braai and a couple of drinks, it was a lovely hot day with very little of the wind that had spoiled our ride the previous day. Young Davrin came out wearing a small thong but it was such a terrible sight that we all chased him away!
A little later in the afternoon we returned to the rally site, Frank and I left our bikes at the house and caught a lift with one of the guys in his car and the Gypsy Jokers set about building a bonfire for the evening. The crowd slowly started gathering for the prizegiving and the lucky draw, we had missed the games that afternoon. Amazingly Frank's name was called out for one of the intermediate prizes, he won a meal for two at one of the local restaurants
which he then promptly went and gave away to a couple of people from Capetown, when I asked him what he had done he said "Oh I could have given it to you hey?".........Duh!
I didn't see exactly what transpired after that but was in time to see Frank fall at the feet of a young lady next to the stage! He often falls for young ladies at the rallies though.After that he spent the better part of the evening collecting happy rally-goers for me to photograph for the blog.
I would keep hearing him shout; "Andrew, come and take a picture of these people." It was nice to meet all of the different people and they certainly were a happy bunch.
After that it was back to the house for an early night, I thought it had been a pretty good rally for the first one and it can only get better. Danny, however was not that impressed, he thought that it had been a great weekend but only because all twelve of us at the house had had a great party together and perhaps he has a point. We'll see next time, I think I will be back next year to give it another chance.
I was up early Sunday morning feeling (relatively) fresh and ready for the ride home, I left early as is my usual custom so that I could get back to spend a bit of time with Janet. It was a good ride back, Clarence drive was not nearly as busy nor was it as windy as it had been on Friday and I thoroughly enjoyed that undulating ribbon of tar that hugs the incredibly picturesque coastline, especially after Rooiels and through to the turn off to Gordon's Bay where I stopped for a very welcome greasy breakfast.
After an exhilerating morning winding my way through the traffic that clogs the N2 and the outskirts of Capetown I made it onto the R27 for the home stretch. I was home by 11h30 and later in the afternoon we went to the Phoenix, at about 17h00 Danny and Frank pulled in - I was glad that I had left when I did.
The next rally is the Slangkop down at Kommetjie at the end of February and that will probably be it for me for a while, I can't take much more of this!


Geoff James said...

Hahaha - so hoses are the main means of cleaning up after one of your parties Andrew? ;-)

Anonymous said...

so the tree eventually got Frank to sit down ! ..... tree 1/frank 0 ....... and the title of Last-Man-Standing goes to ..... The TREE !!

the rider said...

Yes Geoff I think you are pretty much right there, that was a party of note, took a full day to recover!

Annonymous thanks for the visit and the comment, yes Frank (or his reputation) took a bit of a knock on that rally!

GYMONR said...

got to get me some of those cookies.ha-ha.
Big Al

BeemerGirl said...

Ok...the guy in the joker hat...I'm speechless...

Man your rallies are WILD! I've only been to one so far, and that was the GA Mountain Rally put on by our local BMWMO chapter. It was a calm affair filled with dainty and gentlemanly manners.


Geoff James said...


South Africans, Kiwis and Aussies share a number of similar traits when it comes to motorcycle rallies or rugby celebrations :-). Must be a Southern Hemisphere thing!

In my case, I'm much better behaved because of advancing years because I don't think my internal organs would handle those events too well!!!

the rider said...

Hi Al., yes those cookies were good, first time I've had them - normally there's a lot of smoke though.

Beemergirl - our rallies certainly are wild, SA bikers know how to party! The guy in the joker hat...well it was a hot day!

Christie said...

Dad - you make me proud! Growing old disgracefully!!

Baron's Life said...

Did any there have false teeth from a certain street vendor?