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Friday, February 25, 2011

Giving the Slangkop Rally a miss

We are not going to the "Slangkop Rally"! This morning, Friday the wind was already pumping out of the south east and I got a call from a customer in Capetown who said that it was already blowing 35 knots down there! No thank you.
The venue for the rally is at the Slangkop lighthouse just out of Kommetjie (say Komm-eh-key fast) and when the wind blows strong it really blows there. I'm a bit disappointed because it has been a good rally but there's no point in going when the wind is going to make it unpleasant for the whole weekend.
It brings back memories of the 2008 rally when the wind woke me up at o2h00 on Sunday with my tent flapping noisily in a bloody gale, I tried to ignore it but the wind was actually flattening the sides of the tent over my face!
I got up to take a leak not realising that I was what was holding the tent down, it promptly flapped over and flattened Frank's tent!
That does not make for comfortable sleeping, we agreed that there was nothing for it but to pack up and head for home, then it started to rain!
Ok so it's a weekend at home, a couple of games of pool this afternoon at the Phoenix bar and hopefully a braai or two. I think my next rally will be the Buffalo in Mosselbay mid March, that's a good 500km ride so I will have to try and get the Friday off work which shouldn't be a problem. Until then I am sure there will be a couple of riding opportunities - we usually find some excuse to go for a ride, stay on two wheels and stay safe!


BeemerGirl said...

Fantastic surreal tent photos. How very annoying, tho! Sorry to hear the rally is a bust. But that just means more fun at home!


the rider said...

Yes Lori I was disappointed but yesterday afternoon at the Phoenix bar there were a couple of guys who had been at the rally and had packed up and come home early because it was so bad, so I'm glad now that I didn't waste my time going.

BeemerGirl said...

See?? A winner already. More beer and less work. ;)

Anonymous said...

Friday the wind was fine, Saturday it came up but didn't really affect things that much - and we took a ride around Cape Point - however Sat night 02h00 it was strong, but I had my long pegs with rocks on - so no problem - a few tents destroyed - but then again I sail and have done in some very strong winds
However sadly there was theft - now that is not good - cause we are all so vulnerable !!!
Overall the rally was not that well attended - due probably to the wind - otherwise it was good - great kareoke - cause why I didn't go up ha ha
Now for the Buff !!

the rider said...

Dick sorry to hear that there was theft, that's a bad one and shouldn't happen - someone needs to get their ass kicked, pity they weren't caught in the act! I'm also going to try and go to the Buff.