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Thursday, December 9, 2010

I get to thinking...

When I haven't been out riding for a while I get to thinking; I start thinking about where we are going next, I start thinking about when can we take a couple of days off and go for a decent long ride. We both work so rides are pretty much confined to holidays and weekends but we do ride almost every weekend.
I go into the garage and have a look at the big red machine, I will clean it up a bit and maybe sit on the saddle and think about riding.There's not a huge difference between these two pictures, maybe just 200kms and it's all about setting the bike free, getting it out on the road.
Let's face it, a motorbike is not just an alternate means of transport - okay maybe if you live in the city and you have a scooter or a small bike that's different, but here I'm talking about the big bore motorbikes; 500cc, 750cc or 100cc and upwards.
Motorcycles are food for the soul, they are a soothing balm for the troubled mind, if you have had a tough or stressed day just get your bike out of the garage and get out onto the road - you won't be stressed for long I can assure you.
Look at these two pictures;
They were taken a good few years ago, but we were on a road trip and I was carrying a disposable braai, some thin boerewors (sausage) some bread and a bottle of wine in a cooler bag. We were younger then so I'm thinking the wine was not very dry, probably a Riesling but we stopped in a laybye and had a lunch of boerewors and toast and a bottle of wine and I remember seriously considering going into Ixopo (and I wont bother trying to explain how to pronounce that!) to get another bottle of wine, but common sense prevailed and we pressed on.
But how cool is that?!
When you are planning a ride don't show your plans to a non biker because they will ask questions like; "Why are you going that way, through all of those passes when if you stick to the national road it will be much quicker?"
If you have to explain it, they won't understand.


George F said...

Yea, I go into the garage and look at my bike too but this morning was -6 degrees Celsius :-0 I am going to try to go out on Sunday but they are predicting some showers, cold weather and showers don't mix, it's called "black ice" :-(

Geoff James said...

Yep, your post says it all (great early photos BTW!!!)

Every ride is a journey rather than a destination and is indeed food for the soul. Pure cage drivers just don't get it.

Anonymous said...

Had a real cool commute yesterday - Sunday late afternoon - went to a concert at Kirstenbosch Gardens - thousands of revellers in tin cans - what a pleasure on the bike - rode right past them all and parked 50m fom the entrance - the cars were queued for miles hee hee - and then had an awesome night ride therafter - I love biking !!! in all its formats its as simple as that
Go well