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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Braaied lamb kidneys and Mike does the meal

While Mike and Loretta were here we had a great time braaiing, they love a braai as much as we do and whilst we were sitting around one evening they told me about how my nephew Jon braais lamb kidneys. Now I love lamb kidneys but I have never tried braaiing them before, but if my nephew can do it, them so can I! Jon is a very adventurous cook, he loves experimenting and comes up with some wonderful combinations that the less adventurous among us would never try.After peeling the skin off the kidneys I "butterflied" them and laid them on the grid, I had to be careful because they could easily fall through, I kept turning them to ensure even cooking.
After I had browned them nicely I sprinkled with Aromat but I could see that there was still a lot of blood so I sliced them into thinner chunks and really made my life difficult when I placed them back on the grid! I had to be very careful turning them but it was all worth it in the end.
They do make a delicious entree which we made short work of, and already I have ideas to try for a bit of variety.
I will certainly be doing them again soon, you can be sure of that and maybe there will be a bit of a butter baste involved, maybe with a strong garlic influence!
While I was down in Capetown at the Ink and Iron show it was Mike and Loretta's turn to do the dinner and we came home to a roast loin of pork with stuffed potatoes and mushrooms! It's nice when somebody else does the meal and does it extremely well, here the stuffed potatoes and mushrooms are ready to go on the grid.
Mike decides that his meat is not far from ready and packs the potatoes and the mushrooms onto the grid, let me tell you that the aroma coming from that braai was absolutely wonderful and really got the juices flowing!
If you look closely at the right hand side of that roast you will notice that several pieces of the crackling have been removed, I can now confess that I am the culprit - that crackling was the best I have ever tasted! Here it is plated up, one of the nicest meals that I have had for a long time and made all the more enjoyable because we were not involved in the preparation.
It was a general consensus that as Sunday, the following day, was to be our last day together, Mike and I would collaborate in an oxtail potjie and that I would make some sadza to go with it...Yes! That will be my next post, stay with me here friends.


Geoff James said...

I really am going to have restrict myself to reading your blog AFTER dinner :-). I love lamb's kidneys or liver in any shape or form!

Anonymous said...

Darneen, looks delish, must try it sometime! Love to you all, L

Brady said...

Oh does that look tasty.

Christie said...

Wow - that really looks gorgeous! doing a bit of a catch up which is not a good idea because I see all this food in one hit!!