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Thursday, October 28, 2010


OMG! And let me assure you I don't often use terms like that, or the word "Awesome", in fact I can't remember the last time I called anything awesome unless it was the first time I saw a Dolly Parton music video!
This, however inspires me to use similar words; this is the new BMW K1600GT and I'm thinking "Man I've gotta get me one of those!"
These photos are from BMW Motorcycle magazine and really, isn't that a beautiful motorcycle?!
I posted these on Facebook and my daughter immediately came back with; "Dad is that before or after Mom's new kitchen?" She's just like her Mother and a typical woman; always getting their priorities wrong!
This bike has just been unveiled, or introduced at the Intermot bike show so it is not yet available here in South Africa and I have no idea how much it will cost but I am quite sure it will be over R200,000. I should be able to get close to R100,000 for my R1200RT so that means I would have to find or finance another R100,000. That means putting up with the kitchen the way it is, at least I have almost completed the front gate!
I have always intended that my kids will inherit our house from us when Janet and I eventually move off this mortal coil, but I have also intended that there will be absolutely no money to inherit - we're gonna spend it all!
Decisions, decisions!
Talking about money! We decided to go to the casino at Club Mykonos the other night for a bit of a "flutter", Janet immediately settled herself in front of her 2c slot machine and started playing. She is actually quite good at this and has been known to double her original R200 stake over an evening which pays for our meal as well.
I moved around and selected a couple of machines, including the poker machine and by the time I had been playing for about half an hour and was R400 down I saw that Janet had actually lost R18:40, time to go! Who's the better gambler here?
By the way, I did tell you that I didn't like scooters didn't I? I got this the other day and thought you might like it!


Geoff James said...

Brilliant post Andrew!

Firstly, I'm with you regarding the new Beemers. Puts everything else in the shade.

Secondly, I take it that your wife and daughter don't read your blog hehe, or you'd be in deep doo-doo! mine don't or I'd be the same!

We've told our kids exactly the same. We cleared their debts when they finished university then told them to use their brains to make a buck. They'll be getting our property but it will be pure luck if they get any cash!

Just LOVE the Piaggio advert. Have been to Doncaster so understand the sentiments!

the rider said...

Thanks Geoff, actually my daughter reads my blog but the wife doesn't so I don't get into too much trouble!

George F said...

It's a beautiful bike and you are right, woman always have their priorities wrong ;-)
Wow, you say over 200K?? I'm thinking if it's around 20K dollars, I believe the rand is a little over 7 which would mean between 140K and 150K, have things gone up that much in SA?

the rider said...

Hi George, I'm only guessing but my friend paid around R180 for the 2010 RT! So for a K1600.........? We'll have to wait and see. I'll contact the dealers and see if they have any info.

Brady said...

Agreed, the new beemers are great looking machines, and being a BMW owner, I would love to have one. Knowing the initial cost and maintenance, though... well, maybe I'll get to it in a few years. Hopefully in the mean time I can pick up an use model of something that's out, or maybe a touring Kawasaki or Honda... I can't wait so long to get a new bike that I'm looking at Goldwings, though.

the rider said...

Hi Brady, yes I have had two Goldwings over the years, way back about 1984 I bought a '73 model and did a lot of very comfortable mileage and then later on around 1996 I bought a 1972 model 1100, also a good bike but the air suspension left a lot to be desired and you really had to stand on the brakes to bring it to a stop, never had a 1500 or 1800 model though I'm sure they are way better.

Anonymous said...

Hey now that is a bike and a half - i reckon its gonna be closer to R215000 tho - a lot of dough - can you imagine you and me each getting one phew that would be cool !!!!! Starting to scheme already - wonder when it will be available here next year June??? I will have done 20000kms by then, must say i really am enjoying the bike cao Dick

Christie said...

Hey Dad - Just wanted to let Geoff know - I read your blogs and then tell mum if there is anything she needs to know.... hehehehe

No, Geoff - Dad is really lucky, Mum gets him and it is my job to tease him as often as possible :)

Beautiful Bike - and if you do have it by the time we next visit, I want a ride!

Geoff James said...

Hi Christie,

The same conditions exist in our family, so that's why I recognised the dangers!!!!