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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Polar Bear run 2010 part 3 - the ride home

I awoke at about 07h50 to the sound of the guys talking, milling around and packing their gear, no respect for a party animal! About four and a half hours sleep seemed ok though and I got dressed and went in search of some coffee.
Frank was still sleeping, and as I said he wore the wig the whole night!
A bunch of the guys were already outside in the fresh morning air trying to get the bonfire burning again.
It was shortly thereafter that Frank appeared in the doorway shouting obscenities about noisy buggers waking him up!
On rallies he normally sleeps until about 10h00 if not for the whole day!
After coffee the scrambler boys got ready to leave, they would have a long ride home and wanted to get on the way.
And the "Footloose Award" this year went to Dan for binning his scrambler in the car park in front of everone!
Then it was time for Freddie to qualify for his prize from the previous night, no problem to him though, he headed off up the road in the cold early morning and I was only disappointed that there was no passing traffic!
That would really have been something for them to see. He had a bit of trouble warming the engine before he could get going and he must have been cold by the time he had finished, I hope the meal is worth it Freddy!
And for his stunning portrayal of a delinquint biker having a jol the "Character of the run" award goes to.........Frank!
I must admit he did have us in stitches pretty well right through the night so the award was well deserved.
Soon it was time to leave, it had been a fantastic Polar Bear run so far, the best one yet and after saying goodbye to Stewart and Charmaine I led the group out back onto the R62 for the fifty km stretch to Montagu where several wanted to stop for fuel.
After that it was through the Langeberge, onto the R60 through Ashton and to Robertson where we stopped for a rather mediocre breakfast at the bird sanctuary.
The guys sort of split up into small groups and the arrangement was to meet at "Lanner's Landing", a biker friendly pub on the other side of the DuToit's Kloof Pass, I followed Dick into the mountains and this time we opted to skip the tunnel and go over the top.
It was a fantastic day and by then there were plenty of bikers out and about, we stopped at the top to regroup and take a couple of photos.
A bit of time to consult the map to make sure we knew how to get to the pub and which road to take to get home and we were on our way again, down the other side of the mountain and onto the N1.
We found some of the guys already there drinking cooldrinks! We were there for about an hour after which it was time to head for home, some to Capetown, some to Langebaan, Saldanha, Velddrif and Vredenburg.

It was a lovely day on the bike and I really enjoyed the ride home, the round trip was only some 650kms, not a hell of a lot but a great ride. Thanks to Des for all the work that he put into organising the run and we are already looking forward to the next one!

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