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Monday, June 28, 2010


Forgive me for I have not done much riding lately, the weather has been so crappy (is that a word?) and I noticed, when I did get the big red machine out of the garage for a short ride to the Phoenix, that the battery was dragging a bit when I started the engine. Damn! I must get one of those "Battery optimisers" fitted.
On a more positive note I did manage to do well in the FA Cup pool competition on Friday, I managed to stay ahead of Frank 8 - 4 and then when Don came looking for a game I played him to a 1 - 1 draw before he had to leave so it's not all bad.
Seeing as how I have not got much to write about I am posting some "motivationals" for you all to have a look at, I love these things and will keep looking for more of them.
And my favourite one of all of the motivationals;
Stay focussed guys and stay lucky. One month to go before the Polar Bear run, Dick is coming up to stay over with us on the Friday night because it is an early start on Saturday, right in the middle of winter! I just hope that the whisky bottle stays in the cupboard!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Andrew !!! hope you have a real good one and an excellent year ahead !!
better hide the whisky eh !!
Looking forward to the Polar Run - Phil from Ulysses is also coming along - an old friend of Des !!
Go well and thanks for the blog
Dick and Jan