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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The snake hunters

The day after we got back from the "Ride the beast" weekend winter set in with a vengeance and we haven't had the opportunity to ride again since.
In looking for something to write about I came across a nice "Out of Africa story" for my overseas readers, I'm sure you will find this interesting, this story concerns people who hunt for snakes, in this case the Python and the way they catch them is as follows;
I would imagine that lots are drawn to decide who is the "catcher" for the day, I can't believe that anyone would volunteer for the job!
The catcher binds a cover made from animal hide over his left arm (if he is right handed)
and they all head out to look for the snake's home which is usually some other hapless animal's deserted burrow, the designated catcher then enters the burrow - can you imagine what it must be like wriggling into a small space like that? "Sorry guys I can't go in there, I'm claustrophobic."
He takes a bunch of burning twigs so that he can see what is in the burrow - "Jackpot!" An adult female Python guarding a clutch of eggs.
He allows the snake to bite his "protected" left arm, remember these snakes are constrictors, non venemous and he is then able to take hold of the snake with his right hand. He then signals his friends to pull him out, in my case it would be with a lot of very loud shrieks!
His friends, who hopefully have not lost interest and left, then drag him out of the hole.
Someone quickly chops the snake's head off and they head back home to the village for a slap up meal.
I would not be adverse to joining in the meal, I have eaten snake meat before, but there is no way in hell that I could be persuaded to go into a burrow looking for one! Anyway they would have to widen the hole for me, there's no way I could fit in there!
I am happy to include this story in my blog because they would definitely braai their snake.


Baron's Life said...

Is this for real?
and I thought I had a difficult job...lol
I have eaten snake soup and meat whilst in Hong Kong and it was delicious so I am also not opposed to eating snake meat.
Thanks for a great article indeed

Geoff James said...

Lordy! I'm glad that NZ is only 1 of 2 countries that are snake-free; that's the stuff of nightmares.

Top post!

the rider said...

This is definitely for real and still goes on, the Python has been protected for years but obviously that is only applicable where it can be policed.
As you say Geoff, the stuff of nightmares indeed!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

I've heard of that shit before, but never seen this kind of footage. Kool!