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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sardines and Yellowtail

We decided to end off the Easter weekend with a lunch at Don and Connie's "Beira Mar" restaurant, definitely one of my favourites, if not the favourite. There was a bit of a wind blowing but it wasn't too bad so I suggested we go through on the bike but Janet said she would go through on her own and meet me there.

I thought I was fast, Janet was already on her second beer when I got there! Here is the entrance road to the restaurant, I just love this - if you didn't know there was a reastaurant down there you would drive right past.

Beira Mar has got to be one of the most picturesque restaurant settings on the West Coast, it is right on the beach in Saint Helena Bay.
I was feeling hungry so I went with the Portuguese sardines as a starter, they were absolutley delicious served on a bed of stir fried peppers and onions, Janet opted for the escargot (snails) in a cheesy garlic sauce.
Just look at the size of my portion for a starter! Excellent value at R35 and real Potuguese sardines, we had a glass of wine and then a bit of a gap while we chatted with Don and Connie and I was eagerly awaiting my main course.
Even I was amazed at the size of the fish that arrived at the table, I had ordered the whole baby Yellowtail with chips and the bloody thing was enormous! I had trouble with it and had to take the leftovers home in a "doggy-bag" which will go on one of my sandwiches for work.
We had a lovely afternoon and as Janet took off and headed south towards Saldanha I promised Don and Connie that we would be back again soon.
Give Don a call on 0832560847 and take a trip out there, it is well worth it, tell him I sent you and you may get a glass of wine on the house, you will certainly get a great meal.


Anonymous said...

Hey Andrew and Janet - out grazing again !!! ha ha
Looks like a good place to go to next time we are up there !!!
I love Portuguese Sardines
Go well

the rider said...

Well get your ass out here on a different motorbike and we'll go there, the sardines are great.