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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pork braai

I know that this doen't have anything to do with braais, beers or bikes but I really love this picture, I think these are called "motivationals" and Man if this doesn't motivate you to get busy and make money then nothing will!
It has been a relatively quiet week, lots of my friends are getting ready to go to the Buffalo rally in Mossel Bay next weekend, I have decided to skip the "Buff" this year and go instead to the "Swallows" rally the following weekend. The last time I went to the Swallow's was in 2004 so it's high time that I went again, I just didn't feel that it would be right for me to do two weekends away in a row. The Swallow's rally is actually bigger than the Buffalo, usually with three brand new motorcycles as the first three prizes in the lucky draw. These are usually won by women so I don't know why I am concerned with that.
The Buffalo is a 500km ride and the Swallow's is a 200km ride so I can leave after work on Friday and get there easily and the last time it was one heck of a jol. The rally is organised by the "Swallow's flight", a Coloured motorcycle club from Capetown and what a great bunch of guys they are, we have met up with them at their rally and at various rallies in the area so we know quite a few of the members. I am looking forward to that one and I will let you know all about it.

In keeping with the "Braai" theme of this blog we invited Frank around for dinner the other night and I did some Pork belly roasts in the Weber, kettle braai;
After "scoring" the skin with a sharp knife I rubbed it well with cooking oil and salt and then placed the two pieces of meat in the braai with some very hot coals. After the meat had been cooking for half an hour I lit some more charcoal briquettes in a separate area and when one hour was up I opened the braai and added a whole batch of fresh hot coals, closed the braai and left it for another half hour to crisp up the skin.
In the meantime Janet prepared some baked beans, peas, mashed potatoes and gravy and we had a fantastic meal with crunchy pork belly ribs!
Damn that was one real good meal!
The hot weather continues but at least it is not heatwave anymore, just back to normal summer weather.
Talking about "normal", can you figure out how this thing works?! How the hell do you steer it?
Being able to customise motorcycles it what makes it all the more interesting though, the more crazy and "out there" the better, and that one certainly is "Crazy!" It appears to be British!?


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