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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Buffalo Rally weekend

This time last year I was at the Buffalo rally in Mossel Bay with my buds, (note to self; next time someone points a camera at you try to pull your stomach in a bit!) well not quite this time, but this coming weekend.
Frank and the boys left this morning, they met at 0730 intending to leave at 0800 but if I know them, and I do, they would have stood around drinking coffee and kicking tyres for about an hour before getting side stands up!
I am jealous, even though it was my choice not to go with them and I have been picturing the trip all day, imagining where they are and seeing the road in my mind's eye. It's a lovely long ride, depending on the route about 500kms so you're good and tired by the time you arrive at the campsite and the temptation to go and have a beer and leave the tent until later is strong.
The Thursday night party is good, not too many people arrive on the Thursday so it's a small crowd with most pulling in during Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. By Saturday afternoon the site is crowded, I hope the guys and girls enjoy themselves and all come home safely.
Obviously there will be no FA cup pool competition this week, Frank beat me 4-3 last Friday! We played good close games and had a couple of beers at the Phoenix, a pleasant afternoon. We will take a ride over there on Sunday afternoon to meet up with the guys coming back from the rally and Monday is a public holiday here in SA so I'm sure Janet and I will go for a ride somewhere.
The Phoenix bar is going to be pretty quiet this weekend, I'm sure!
Looking forward to the Swallow's rally next weekend, which reminds me; I still haven't aired out my tent after packing it away wet last time!

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