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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bike Club fun day

On Saturday afternoon, another very hot and windless day, six or seven of the local bike clubs collaborated in a really succesful fun day at "Spionkop", a clubhouse roughly halfway between Saldanha and Vredenburg. It turned out to be a great success, lots of happy people enjoying the cameraderie and the games.

Egg and spoon race.
Ball in bucket race;

The slow race, although most of the guys had problems riding slowly!

The infamous Des arrived and opened up his "Bosvark se Pub", "Bushpig's Pub" which is set up in the topcase of his Honda Goldwing, this soon became the gathering place for the rest of the club, the equally infamous "Kreefsmokkelaars".
Drunken Duncan, our barman from the Phoenix Bar was there with his attractive young lady friend Ilse. Another of the younger members; "Kettings" (Chains) arrived and joined the group.
The regular bar obviously did a roaring trade, a regular 340ml tin of beer was R10 but a quart was only R15, prompting my friend Johan to observe that if you drank quarts you saved R5 therefor the more you drank, the more you saved! It made sense to me.
We have very tall bikers and very short bikers here in the Western Cape, one who always has to beware of low doorways and the other who never has to!
The "Tug o' War" was held in the sweltering heat and was a very popular event with six clubs represented and lots of people gathering to shout encouragement.
The different games were organised by the different clubs, here Div from the "Meeulanders" gets the teams lined up.
Here's Frank with another of the West Coast characters; Joos, (the English pronounciation of his name is difficult, say "you-us" quickly) from the "Blue Diamond Runners", he loves to make a noise with his bike and rode around revving his engine until the oil ran out! Not sure how he got home.
There was lots of encouragement for the teams from the bystanders; "Come on, pull the rope, stop pushing it!"
Here Frank lends encouragement to the Meeulanders team, he sensibly declined the offer to be a member of the team. I was also too busy taking photographs to get involved!
The eventual winners of the event were the "Lighthouse riders" - Well done guys and girls, a well deserved victory!
In the evening the braai fires were lit and braai packs were on sale, congratulations to the clubs involved; in alphabetical order - Christian Motorcyclist Association.
Diamond Runners.
West Coast Motorcycle Association.
A very successful event which brought all of the local clubs together for an afternoon of fun and the profits were to go towards the purchase of a wheelchair for a disabled child, I've said it before and I'll keep on saying it; Bikers are good folk!


IowaHarleyGirl (Stephanie) said...

Great photos! I can tell that if I traveled to your country I would feel as much at home with your biker friends as I do mine!

the rider said...

You certainly would be made to feel very welcome here Stephanie, SA bikers are a great bunch of guys and girls.