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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Visit with Dave and Nicky

Sunday we joined the local West Coast Motorcycle Association for a breakfast at one of the restaurants nearby, actually in the holiday resort town of Langebaan which is on the lagoon just a twenty minute ride from Saldanha. There was a surprisingly large gathering with a lot of bikes parked outside the place, this resulted in a very nice friendly hour spent over breakfast which we really enjoyed.
Some of the people we hadn't seen for a while and some we regularly meet at rallies and gatherings, we arrived a little late and it was a real pleasure to walk into the place and to be greeted by all the bikers like old friends. I've said it before and I'll say it again; Bikers are good folk! Go out and hug one.
Some non biker types might have stayed away from the place seeing all of the bikes and the leather and patch wearing men and women engaged in noisy and animated conversation, but that would have been their loss.
After a very pleasant hour Frank joined us for a ride down to Capetown to visit with Dave and Nicky, we took it easy on the ride because I wanted to identify the spot from where I was accumulating all of the bloody speeding fines and I found it! Three fines all from the same location, but now I have identified it and I saw the car which obviously has the camera so I will be able to avoid any more fines.....hopefully. What I will do next time is stop and take a photo of the car so that I can post it here for Cape bikers.
Our buddy Dave is in good spirits even though he has been battling with the knee that got smashed up in a bike prang about 18 months ago on the first Polar Bear run to Sutherland, he has had the bionic knee implanted and is now waiting to have a skin graft. He is a tough guy and has gone through hell but is still talking about getting back out in the wind, you can't keep a good biker down and he will be back out there on a cool trike sooner rather than later.
After a pleasant time spent chatting to our friends we mounted up and headed through to the Viper lounge to see what was going on and there we met up with our friend Conor, he rides a very cool, customised Harley (I think it's a wide glide - but I'm not sure.) and when I told him that I had never ridden a Harley before he wanted me to take it for a ride.As you can see it is a very cool looking bike but I wasn't keen to take it for a ride then and there, apart from the fact that the big red machine and Frank's FJR both appeared to be looking on angrily I thought it would be better if I was in more familiar surroundings. We tried to talk Conor into visiting us in Saldanha and then I will try it out, hopefully he will come up soon because he apparently wants to take it for a longish ride.We had a good cruise back home, again I took it easy but there were no more speed traps and we headed for Vredenburg and the Phoenix bar for an A.B.F.* before heading home. A very pleasant day spent on the bike with good friends and like minded people.
*Absolute Bloody Final - although this is very rarely accurate because there is no such thing as only one beer!


fiddle mike said...

The more I read about motorcycling in South Africa the more I think I might belong there.

the rider said...

Mike any time you want to come try it out, give me a shout - I have plenty of accommodation and I'll show you all of the best riding in the wine country.

Anonymous said...

Great blog, like the braais, bikes, how about matching food with beer?

the rider said...

Thanks for the comment friend and I'm glad you like the blog, but as far as I'm concerned there is only one beer; Castle lager! I have tried many others but have always gone back to my favourite.

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