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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


There are strange goings on!!!!
A letter has just come into my hands from Des Clunie, a member of the "Kreefsmokkelaars" mcc - and let me tell you that the "Kreefsmokkelaars" are a no nonsense, take no prisoners kind of biker club.
They are based in the West Coast town of Velddrif/Laaiplek and are renowned for making noise at local biker jols and at rallies. Roughly translated, "Kreefsmokkelaars" means Crayfish smugglers.
For instance if there is a rally where the "Smokkelaars" are together and someone complains about the noise of bikes being revved, then they will get together around the tent and rev the hell out of it until someone begs for mercy or the tent gets blown away.
You get my drift? Don't fuck with the Kreefsmokkelaars".

Anyway Des sent this letter to the Meeulanders, and I quote;
"Dear Madam, (the club secretary)
After returning from the Freedom Road Rally on Wednesday 17th February, I went to the Phoenix biker's pub in Vredenburg.
My six day trip was a wonderful experience but it was marred by one of your members at the Phoenix Pub.
Your member Mr. Frank Gallien arrived and I was glad to see him and even bought him a drink or two.
We were chatting away and, to my utter amazement, Frank lifted his leg and farted (broke wind) on my knee (violently) and with malice aforethought, this was no random emmision. Seconds later he again lifted his leg and repeated the performance.
Besides being totally uncouth to a fellow biker the smell was horrific. On my arrival at Velddrif my wife had to call our house doctor in as my sinuses and nasal passages are now irreparably damaged, my clothing had to be thrown away - even hoboes didn't want it.
This type of behaviour from a Meeulander is unacceptable and I strongly suggest that your committee has him up on a disciplinary hearing.
Also I demand a letter of appology or I will have no other option but to tell my president who in turn will see your president, which could get ugly and unpleasant.
To enable you to avoid all this I suggest you send me a letter of appology and this matter will be forgotten. Also suggest to your member to change his diet.
Yours in biking


This is all very lighthearted but there are some undercurrents of discontent between the groups and I don't want to choose. We like Des very much and have been on both of his Polar Bear runs and will continue that relationship, in the same vein we know and like Div and Sue and will stay friends with them. We know what Frank is like and will stay with him! It gets a bit complicated.We will just go with the flow and see how things develope, Saturday night there is a party at the Pheonix Bar with a live band - let's see how that goes. Can't we just party?

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