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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Freedom Road rally - day two

The whole of Saturday was a jol! (For my overseas readers a jol is a great time.) The only problem was that by 05h00 my mattress was completely flat and I woke with very little air around me, I was on the hard ground. I lay around for a while contemplating whether I should get up and pump some more air into the mattress or go and have a shower. I decided to get up and it wasn't long before I was at the CMA (Christian Motorcyclist Association) tent for my first of many cups of coffee.I didn't see Frank, but then I didn't expect to see him for a while. I headed off with Div, Willie and Johan for a breakfast and then we returned to the camp for the mass ride. I stopped on the bridge to get some photographs.Here you can see Div on his Harley and Willie just behind the Traffic vehicle, the Freedom Road rally is not a big one but it has it's regulars who attend every year. Frank qualified for his ten year badge and I got my five year badge this year.Here we are at the end point where everyone gathers to have a look at the bikes and drink a beer or two, or in the case of the CMA to have an ice cream cone. The cafe must make a fortune! We headed back to town and just all sort of naturally congregated at "Puffie's Bar" and that's pretty much where we spent the whole afternoon.Our good friends Dick and Janet joined us and we spent a very pleasant couple of hours just generally talking shit, you know how it goes!We met Hansie, a very nice young biker who owns a cool Kawasaki Z1300 which is older than him. It was so good to see a young guy on a nicely modified old bike and he is looking to get a custom paint job when he can afford it, anybody in Capetown able to help with a "bone yard theme"? Give us a call.
After that it was back to the campsite and back to Dalton's place for the evening, and from there the party just sort of degenerated, or progressed depending on your point of view.
Des decided he needed a power sleep so he laid down under our table, we just sort of ignored him while we partied on but we forgot that Des is not your usual kind of biker and he was up to mischief!
While he lay there sleeping with his head cradled on his "Crocs" he was hatching an evil plan!Frank was enjoying himself, being his usual ebulient self but he did notice that his butt was getting hot, he put it off to the time of day, the sun was setting and maybe it was shining on his chair.He soon had to jump up and that's when he discovered that it was actually Des' cigarette lighter that was causing the "Hot spot"! We'll have to look out for that chair on the next rally. What a character!
I had a wonderful Calamari and chips at Dalton's restaurant and I tried to make it an early night because it was a long ride home the next day but it was kinda late when I crawled into my tent. I pumped my mattress up as hard as a brick and settled down, I remember gradually getting to sleep as my mattress got more and more comfortable but again I was awake in the early hours when I found myself lying on the hard ground with just a little bit of cushion around my ears!
Oh well, up early again and a visit to the CMA coffee tent.

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