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Monday, February 22, 2010

Cattle rustling, SA style!

I know that this story has nothing at all to do with either braais, beers or bikes, (although I suppose it does involve meat!) but in keeping with some of my "Out of Africa" stories, I thought I would bring you this one; Apparently the Police were called out to the scene of an accident in the Eastern Cape.
Upon arriving at the scene they found that the vehicle involved had been reported stolen earlier that day, on a closer inspection they found some unusual cargo; trussed up inside the gutted vehicle they found three young cows! The driver was nowhere to be found.
The seats and linings had all been removed with the exception of the driver's seat and the hapless animals had been crammed inside.
Happily the three young cows were none the worse for their undignified journey and were soon grazing contentedly, the vehicle's owner was probably not so happy though!
Ah Africa! You just gotta love it - never a dull moment here. In the old days in America this was a hanging offence wasn't it? I wonder if the Police have since caught the driver/cattle rustler?
It is very nearly the end of February and my next bike rally is the Swallows Rally in Worcester over the weekend 26th to 28th March, this is one of the biggest rallies around with three brand new motorcycles as the first, second and third prizes in the main draw! Looking forward to that one, Worcester is only a two hour ride so I will go through after work on Friday afternoon. That is a whole month away so I am sure there will be another ride or two before that anyway.
Stay safe and keep the rubber side down!


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