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Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Son - the artist.

All of our children have now gone back home, the holiday was fantastic but the airport "Goodbye" scenes are heart wrenching, but what a fantastic three weeks it has been and for those of you who know me on Facebook you will have seen the family photos and the wonderful time we have had.
Having my son here was special and while he was here he took the time to do a pencil rendition of our favourite picture. In the sidebar photos there is a copy of a picture that he drew freehand in 1995 and it was amazing to see how much his technique has improved since then, particularly since he has had no formal training or instruction at all.
That actually looks like us! And the detail of the motorbike is fantastic, so if you want a pencil drawing of your favourite picture send it to me and I will get him to do it for you.
My daughter came for a ride on the bike, how lucky and privileged I felt to be able to do that! She has always been keen on motorbikes ever since junior school when I used to pick her up for the weekend on my Yamaha 1100, she's a relaxed and easy rider and we had a lovely cruise around the area.
Janet and I still have a week left of our holiday, tomorrow we are going to Capetown to get the bike serviced, at the end of this month the bike is four years old and I am having the 50,000km service done. That is 12,500km per year that we have averaged, just over 1,000km per month or 33km per day for a 30 day month - I think that is quite a lot of riding, what do you think?
After the service we will spend three or four days doing a bit of a ride around, apart from Monday evening in Hermanus where I will meet up with an old BSAPolice buddy whom I haven't seen for some 37 years, we have no agenda, we will just go where the mood and the bike takes us.
Stay with me my friends, I will take lots of photos and show you some of the scenic areas around the Cape. I also have more news about my Sturgis plans, this is going ahead for 2011.
"Gone riding - back on Thursday."

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Anonymous said...

Wow Andries, this sketch is amazing! Hope you enjoyed this past week chilling and winding down. Lokking forward to seeing you soon, maybe 3rd weekend in Feb if you have Lodge and no other guests. Love, L, xx