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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Back on the bike

Boys will be boys! As soon as my grandsons saw the big red machine parked in the garage they said "Wow, cool!" or words to that effect and they both wanted to sit on it.
They haven't wanted to go for a ride yet but I'm thinking maybe we can do a little tootle up and down the road outside the house before they go back to England.
Yesterday was one of the hottest days we have had for ages and we had already arranged to go down to Capetown, the temparature got up to 34 to 37 celsius which is 96 to 98 fahrenheit so we baked. Janet and I took the opportunity to go down on the motorbike while the family drove down in the car, we had a very enjoyable ride even though the R27 to Capetown is a rather boring road. It was incredibly busy for some reason and it was a pleasure to be on the bike, most cars moved aside to let us past and even if they didn't (you get the occasional idiot!) I have enough power to sweep past even if the gap is small. I love it!
We pulled over in a shady laybye to wait for the family to catch up and I took this photo so that you can all see how Janet's jeans seriously clashed with our colour scheme, she was unconcerned. We all stayed overnight with Linda and the next day the guys all went to a theme park while the ladies had a make up and fashion underwear day, Janet spent quite a lot of money on some really cool bras - I'm not complaining!
The ride home was also very nice and pretty quick, I just hope there weren't any speed traps!After dropping Janet at home I ended up at the Phoenix bar in Vredenburg for a cold one.
The Phoenix bar is a relatively new place in the same premises as the old "Blue Diamond", if you have been reading this blog for a while you may remember that we were able to ride our bikes into the Blue Diamond and park them next to the bar counter, this was extremely cool but was destined not to last due to Health and Safety regulations.
The new bar is very well laid out with six pool tables and they play very good music, the owner is a biker so the local bikers are supporting him already - let's see the Capetown bikers back up here.
I thought I would end up with some good examples of "Engrish", this was on the box of some water pistols that we bought for the boys, don't you just love it?