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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fantastic bike or work of art?

I received these pictures via email and thought I really have to share them, they appear to have been taken in Namibia, probably at a rally there because I cannot imagine this bike being ridden very far at all! The bike is amazing, it has so much going on and it made me laugh just going through all of the detail;
The handle bars are animal horns, look at the carrying space for the bottle of Jack, the guy was willing to sacrifice fuel space so that his bottle was close at hand! Look at the old fashioned hooter.
The car battery is mounted onto the side of the bike with what looks like bicycle tube and that is obviously there to run the large cool box on the back.
The seat is from a plastic chair and look at the home made foot boards, I wouldn't be too keen to put any weight on them! It looks like the foot brake lever is an old hammer and for some reason there is a water bottle hanging in front!
I just love his rear view mirror and underneath the old tilley lamp, which is hanging from a crocodile's mouth there is a candle stick holder on the front mudguard! The biker is taking a cold beer out of his cooler box which obviously works a treat.
His helmet is decorated with what looks like Impala and Warthog horns but I'm sure now you can see what I mean, this bike is not made for long distance riding!
I love seeing these characters at the rallies, sometimes more time, effort and love goes into the making of a "rat" bike than a top of the range tourer or superbike. Keep up the good work brother, that bike is a work of art!

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