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Monday, November 16, 2009

Bambe Zonke Weekend

It was a great weekend! The "Bambe Zonke" Guest Farm is a fantastic place and we spent the time with a lovely bunch of people. We arrived there at about 6pm on Friday as it is only about half an hour away from Saldanha and already the bonfire was on the go and the few people who made it on Friday were gathered around the fire pit.This was to be the centre of the action for the whole weekend, the fire was kept burning and the people came and went as the mood moved them.
We re-established contact with people that we had last seen some 15 to 20 years ago and were soon feeling as though we had never been apart. If the first night was anything to go by it was going to be a good time! Eddie and his wife Belinda seemed to be in charge of the food and what a wonderful braai they did that evening, we sat late into the night chatting and obviously drinking and I turned in well after midnight after a very enjoyable day.There is nothing like the smell of onions and bacon frying in a skottle to wake you up and get the juices flowing, Belinda and Tracy were already in the kitchen when I went through for coffee the next morning.
Here I am with Neil, the owner of the place, whom I hadn't seen for at least 15 to 20 years. This photo was taken a bit later when it was ok to drink a beer, mind you that was quite a blurred time line, it seemed to be ok to drink beer pretty much whenever you felt like it. Note the portrait of Ian Smith and the Rhodesian flag in the background, note also my Rhodie cammo cap!During Saturday more people arrived and it wasn't long before there was a very festive crowd around the fire pit and inside the house for the SA vs UK cricket and the Bokke vs French rugby games. Sam and Trevor at the bar. Me and Connor in front of the Rhodesian flag.
That evening Eddie and Belinda prepared a wonderful spread; a leg of lamb, a leg of pork and two chickens in the "Weber" kettle braais, and what an accomplished braai master Eddie is! It was a great meal, washed down with copious quantities of beer and wine!The evening ended off with a really good meal, you can see how good that meat looks and everyone was really hungry by the time the food was ready.
We had been informed that Sunday started off with a 5km walk before breakfast which was traditional, I am not a keen walker but I decided I would go and I did not let this decision spoil my enjoyment of the evening but the next morning I did not believe that it was only five kilometres, by the time we got back I was sure we had walked about 15! But I'll tell you all about that in my next post, it was great fun!

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