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Saturday, July 4, 2009

A great day

We had a great day today! Janet and I have both had a pretty bad week at work for various reasons so we have both been looking forward to the weekend. My weekend started yesterday afternoon when Frank and I resumed the FA cup, we hadn't played at all during June so it was good to get together for a couple of beers and a couple of games of pool at the "Rooikraans" pub.
Unfortunately Frank couldn't find his form and I beat him five games straight, but still we had a good time talking crap and drinking a few beers - it's what guys do well.
This morning Janet and I started off with a bottle of JC Le Roux sparkling Sauvignon Blanc in our spa bath, such a relaxing place to start the day and such a good way to start the day. Afterwards I left Janet to do whatever it is they do to get themselves ready and I took the big red machine out of the garage and gave her a good wash, it had been a while I'm sorry to say, and she needed it.
We headed off at about 1130 and it was a lovely warm and calm winter's day, one of those magical days that we get here in winter and apparently tomorrow is going to be the same. We rode through to Saint Helena Bay and had a lovely lunch at the "Sunfish Restaurant", I started off with the soup of the day which was Snoek, Thyrsites atun and which is at it's best in the cold winter water around the Cape and let me tell you it was absolutely delicious! Janet doesn't usually have much to do with fish but she tasted it and said it was ok.
On our way back home we stopped off at a new biker pub in Vredenburg and had a beer;
We saw Joos and Jenny's bike outside so we knew it had to be a good place, good to see that there is another biker joint in the area.
After that I had to take Janet home for her afternoon nap, but I wasn't ready to stop riding so I did some cruising and thought that I would take some photos in and around Saldanha just to let you all see what a picturesque place it is;
This picture was taken from the viewpoint above the town, it shows the bay with some of the De Beers dredging vessels which have been here for several months now, after that I went to the Drop Anchor for a beer and to check on how the Boks were doing against the Lions, unfortunately we lost that one but we had already won the series!
My last picture was taken on the beachfront road, I couldn't resist composing what I think is a very good picture overlooking the hotel and the bay, it could be a Mediterranean scene and I have taken a leaf out of my friend Chessie's blog, ok my pictures are never going to be as good as hers but she has her bike standing in front of the places of interest and I love it, check out her wonderful blog www.chessiestales.blogspot.com

By this time I knew that it was time to take the bike home, it had started feeling like it was cornering better and wanting to go faster and that's a sure sign that I have to put it away. Tomorrow we are going on a breakfast run with the local club, the "Meeulanders" and I have talked Janet into going as well, she normally doesn't enjoy the breakfast runs but we shall see how it goes - I'll tell you all about it.

Warning: the consumption of alcohol may lead you to think people are laughing with you!

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