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Friday, July 24, 2009

Dick's poem

Dick, one of my good biker buddies, produced this poem at my birthday celebration and it went down so well I thought I would share it with you. It contains some colloquialisms which non South Africans might not immediately understand, but I'm sure you'll get the gist of it;
An ode to Andrew the Wood
He's turned the page
And come of the age
So it was in 2007 - on new year's day
that I start this story - if I may
We were off to Riebeek Kasteel
A lovely little town - I feel
We were going to see a few friends of mine
To have a few dops - and to dine.
We first went to Riebeek West
Just for a change and a rest
And then - there in Kasteel in front of my eyes - a rare feast
A magnificent - beautiful - BMW 1200 RT - red beast!!!
I strode into Paul and Mandy's house
and yelled - How are all of youse???
And then burst out and said - who is it - and what's it like
Who owns that magnificent bike??
And then we spoke lots of bikers chat
about this - and this - and lots of that
and then it all came together - and it was good
cause why - we had met Janet and Andy Wood.
After lots - and lots and lots of beer
it was if we had known each other for many a year
and then they said - we pray
Why don't you all come to visit us in Saldanha Bay.
So it was - another month or so
When the cobwebs from my bike - we did blow
We were entertained fit for a King
Mussels, Oysters, fish soup - what a fling.
And then the rallies - they came
Where I met Frank - who is always game
First Stillbay, and then Slangkop
where we had many a beery dop.
We sang with the karaoke locals
Even though we had kak vocals
and just at the end of the Slangkop trip
I went into the freezing Atlantic - for a kaalgat dip.
And then last November we played like little boys
On the motorbike run - for the children's toys
We had some dops at the yacht club
and watched the rugby in the leka pub.
Then in Feb Andrew phoned to say hi
Don't we feel like coming up for a braai
We ended up in Paternoster looking for cray tail
Evading the boere - and the bail.
Another great feast in the west coast sun
Good music, cold beer, and plenty of fun
So - this is actually to a regular oke
Who is in fact a jolly good bloke.
A farmer of mussels in his boat
and also a cook of some note
who embibes and enjoys his "Castle" beer
and loves his wifie dear.
He rides his bike - a BMW steed
with great urgency and much need - or -
He rides his bike - a BMW of class
by the skin of his pants on his hairy arse.
Who a mean blog does expansively write
and often does braai well past midnite
and jislaaik man for a blerrie Rhodie kop
he can nogal hold his dop!!!
So it is with very much glee
even though - Andrew
I've only known you for a year or three
congrats on your 60th.
On which life is sometimes measured
thanks for the friendship
it is really treasured
May you have many many more
Keep up the blog - and all the yore
And well done to wifie Jan
For looking after your special man
You are the most wonderful wife
that Andrew could wish for - in his life
Ride safe buddies
with much love
Dick and Jan


Christie said...

What a fab poem - Very clever.

the rider said...

Yes it went down very well, caused a lot of laughs - you will definitely meet my friends Dick and Janet when you come over - good people and they are bikers!