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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Braai at RCYC

We still have not had a chance to do any riding lately and the weather has been glorious, it's just that other things have kept getting in the way, stupid things like work! I missed out on a round of the FA cup on Friday because of work, surely work is not supposed to interfere with fun?
We went down to Capetown on Saturday morning and went out to lunch with Joe and Annie, later in the afternoon he and I went to play a couple of games of pool and what a disaster! Joe beat me seven games to two!! I barely managed to win those two games, maybe I deserved it after bragging about how I beat him the last time.
On Sunday we were invited to a braai function at the Royal Cape Yacht Club and what a lovely day that turned out to be, that has got to be one of the most picturesque locations for a braai that you could ever want; on the one side there is the iconic Table Mountain, which has made it into the top 23 finalists for one of the seven wonders of nature, that makes it sound like it took part in an Idols competition!?And on the other side the yacht basin with hundreds of yachts, some of them in the really big money bracket, bobbing and tugging gently at their moorings. It was a pleasant day, the food was good and I met some interesting people - there were also quite a few pretty girls which is a good thing, keeps the guys interested - I am allowed to look.
We seem to have a free weekend coming up so hopefully the weather will be good and we can get out on the road, I'll keep you posted.

Warning; the consumption of alcohol may lead you to believe that you can step over a chain link fence without making a fool of yourself.

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Christie said...

Andy needed to read that warning a week ago - too late!! What is it with men and chain-link fences?