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Thursday, April 16, 2009

A prawn braai and winter starts

We had our first taste of winter today, it was miserable out on the farm for the first three hours or so. Just as we were moving the harvesting barge, which is rather a cumbersome and difficult operation in calm weather, a squall blew up out of the north west. Luckily the breakwater gives us shelter from that wind but it was still very difficult to get the barge to the harvesting raft, we managed to get secured and then it started to rain, fat heavy rain drops which made things very unpleasant. For a while we tried to do our work with our backs to the rain but still I had cold water seeping in under my rain suit around my neck.
By about 09h00 the rain clouds had moved over and it started to warm up a bit, I got involved in the work and managed to keep warm and it was actually quite a good morning because we were pretty busy, in spite of the bad weather I had a good day and I have to prepare myself for the winter because there's nothing I can do about it.
We had a very nice braai on Sunday, I decided to do some prawns over the coals so we invited Frank to join us, he was given strict instructions that it was not going to be a late night and that we would be going for a ride the next day. I skewered two prawns onto a sosatie stick for ease of handling and to stop them from dropping through the grid and then rubbed them with a bit of olive oil and lemon juice. They didn't take too much time to braai and it wasn't long before we were enjoying a lovely prawn feast, Janet made a wonderful savoury rice and a bit of salad with feta cheese and olives and although it was quite late by the time we ate because I did some tasties earlier on of pork rashers and marinated chicken wings, we had a feast fit for a king!
I think it is going to be a while before we ride again, Saturday I have a lodge meeting and the weather outlook for the weekend is not good. The big red machine is standing in the garage, clean and gleaming and ready for the road, we'll see what happens on Sunday - I am dying to go for a ride!

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Great blog!!! Hope you are all well. Your Canadian cousin.