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Monday, April 27, 2009

A New President and a long weekend

So now Jacob Zuma is our new President, let's hope he does a good job. It was a forgone conclusion that he would take over and I am prepared to support him if he is capable, only time will tell.
But on to more important things; We now have a brand new shopping mall! Just outside of Vredenburg, It has many of the major chains; Cape Union Mart, Woolworths and Woolworths food, Game, Checkers as well as major clothing and shoe shops and we went shopping there last Friday after the novelty had worn off.
It was still very busy even though it was before month end but we managed quite nicely, Janet was in her element in Checkers and I do as most husbands do, follow the wife around with the trolley but I have a tactic; if Janet appears the least bit hesitant about going down one of the aisles I manouvre the trolley between her and the aisle and just gently edge her away, I take it as a personal victory if we can skip an aisle or two. Unfortunately most of the time she pushes my trolley out of the way and heads down the aisle happily looking for things to load, and she compares prices!
There are two areas where she will take bloody ages and one of them you can understand, that is the hairdye and skin care product area where she will compare prices, ingredients, fragrances and the list of things that the product guarantees it will do for you, but the other area is eggs!
It can take her ages to choose between 12, 18 or 24 medium, large or jumbo, grain fed or battery and then she has to check that there aren't any broken ones and just when I think she has made a choice she will put it back and take another one! Then she looks at me and says "You shut up!" even though I haven't said a word!
Anyway we managed to get out of there with my sanity intact - just! The thing is that a lot of the places here are now playing Gospel music over their loudspeakers, especially on a Sunday, don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Gospel music it's just that it is so tiring and cumbersome, the lyrics are usually putrid, I mean how do you rhyme things like "Kingdom" and "uplift" and "God"?
We've had a good weekend, Friday evening we had a lovely meal at Beira Mar with Frank and with Dennis and Linda who were celebrating their 39th wedding anniversary and even though there was a lengthy power failure Don and Connie were able to provide a lovely meal.
It was another public holiday today; Freedom Day and we celebrated our freedom by going on a motorbike ride, I was hoping to do this even though the weather had been looking pretty lousy but by lunch time the sun was shining. I know that most of the black people will have been out on gatherings and marches to celebrate, but whities don't do the gathering and marching thing, they would rather dop and braai.
We had a bit of a local cruise and then went back down to "Weskusplek" at Jacob's Bay for lunch and I think this is a far better picture of the place than in the earlier post, for obvious reasons! I had a really good seafood platter which consisted of; calamari, line fish, prawns, mussels in a delicious sauce which I think was made with garlic and cheddar cheese and rice. Janet had what she described as a delicious steak and kidney pie in a dish with a pastry over the top, all in all a very good meal, reasonably priced at a picturesque venue - what more could you want?

After lunch I had not finished riding but Janet wanted her afternoon kip so after I had dropped her off I took a good fast ride through to Veldriff and visited with Des, we discussed the next "Polar Bear" run to Sutherland on which he wants to include WAGS, I'm not sure that this will work and I said that they will go on this one but will see what happens in the pub and at the braai that night and will decide that in future it is not for them, we'll see.

My ride home was fantastic! From Veldriff to the Vredenburg turnoff on the R27 is about 20kms and at 200kmh that doesn't take very long, the few cars that there were on the road moved over for me as I flashed past and my bike felt planted and balanced perfectly. I took the Vredenburg road and then turned left onto the road that runs past the "Orex" railway depot, there are a few enjoyable sharp turns on that road and as I had had a beer or two the bike handled them beautifully.

I rode through the back roads and pulled up at the "Drop Anchor" bar where I had another beer with some buddies and then got home in time to make Janet a cup of coffee, what a great long weekend and there's another one next week!

Stay on two wheels!

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